Strangefire is a songwriting duo from the Dallas/ Ft.Worth metroplex performing and recording under the indie label Giglet Productions. They have released four cds...Fan the Flames which defines the Strangefire sound and launched the band to instant local recognition. Their second release, Zipper Confetti made them a worldwide force to be reckoned with, with heavy web promotion and internet radio play sending them to ..1 on several web charts with every song they upload. Their third release, Shazbot Munkie found the band on a much softer plain. However they have just released their fourth cd, GUH? which could just possibly be their strangest yet. Strangefire is Mike Ash on guitars and haunting lead vocals. Mike is a unique artist, in both the emotional and improvisational sound of his vocals, and his songwriting style. Backed up by Tak! on synth/keys and vocal manipulators to create a smooth, sometimes eerie backdrop for the Strangefire experience. The fresh synthesized sound is something that hasn't been duplicated by any other band in recent history.

Merlin Sez


Hands of Time

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Strangefire is back in the studio working on their upcoming CD...Ezion
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