Walt Cronin's release of California I Gotta Run, his third album, follows 2005's

The Gousters and 2008's somewhat redundantly titled Walt Cronin - The

Gousters. As with the previous records, California I Gotta Run features a

spectrum of Americana/folk influences: Walt proudly emulates the tradition of

his heroes such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, John Prine, Rodney

Crowell Emmy Lou Harris, Jerry Jeff Walker and Steve Earle. As an artist, Walt

came into his own at the tender age of 50. A lifetime of experiences (including a

stint as a medic during the Vietnam War and a subsequent semi-nomadic life)

provide ample inspiration for subject matter in the numerous songs in his


Walt spent over a year writing and crafting songs for California I Gotta Run

before bringing them to his producer, Martin Beal of The Racket Room in Santa

Ana, CA.

Walt and Martin spent several months on and off in the studio fine tuning and

enhancing the 13 songs. Walt's goal was to reflect the sincerity of folk music
history while placing the songs in a contemporary setting. The collaborators

achieved their aims with Martin providing detailed arrangements and a fine

editing ear while playing a myriad of instruments (guitars, keyboards, bass,

mandolin, melodica, bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, percussion, as well as performing all

drum programming).

The songs on the new album deal with a range of very personal, introspective

issues, some dark and troubled (relationships tainted by substance abuse),

some benevolent and almost fatherly (respectful, heartfelt advice to today's

war veterans from someone who has been there), some whimsical (a

1950s-flavored teenage love story). Overall, the album is largely formed by the
hope Walt has found by facing the persistent demons from his wartime


""Awake In A Dream"" is an ethereal voyage of the mind and heart, soaring the

listener into an almost transcendental state. Walt's long time love for his wife

shows in other beautiful songs such as ""Together We'll Be,"" and ""Shining

Through."" ""Angel Wings"" is inspired by his Grandfather's philosophy of life. ""A

Boy Of Purest Wonder"" is the story of a young man reaching for his dreams in

a time
long past. ""California I Gotta Run"" is about fulfilling a dream of rural simplicity. All

the songs, whether whimsical, heartfelt or laced with grim regret, are woven

with the care of Walt's quality story-telling and songwriting and are beautifully

and produced with friend Martin Beal. Listeners will be entranced listening to

Walt's stories on California I Gotta Run.

""The success of my first CD, The Gousters, as an independent release was

incredibly gratifying."" says Walt. Walt made all 13 songs on The Gousters

available for free downloading on www.thegousters.com. It has remained a
favorite on the independent folk radio circuit with songs such as ""Make Me A

Kinder Man"" and ""Only Eighteen"", a memoir of his time in Vietnam. The

Gousters remained in the top 50 for 60 weeks on Roots Music Report.

Walt's second album, Walt Cronin - The Gousters, garnered flattering reviews

from Beeb Ashcroft of Indie-music.com and Sharon Lunsford of The Back Porch

News. ""Tender and introspective songs with the kind of realness and

authenticity that is becoming quite rare."" said Ashcroft.

Walt's third independent release shows a significant growth in Walt's

songwriting gifts.

"" I think this is my best work yet, "" quotes Walt. ""I hope you'll feel the same,"" he


http://airplaydirect.com/music/waltcronin/ ( songs , lyrics and notes )

California I Gotta Run
Life-long dream of returning to the simplicity of rural living..

Alternative Folk

Awake In A Dream
An ethereal voyage of the mind and heart

Alternative Folk

Angel Wings
This song is inspired on a simple philosophy of life I learned from my Grandfather.

Alternative Country Rock

A Boy Of Purest Wonder
The story of a young man's wanderings from a time long past

Alternative Folk Rock

Ever Wonder
Unrequited love from as far back as childhood. First love and still wondering what might of been.

Alternative Folk Rock

No Shame In Cryin
An older veteran speaking to the returning veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan about seeking help for PTSD

Alternative Folk

I'll Find The One
Whimsical teenage love story set in the 1950's..

Alternative Folk Rock

If My Words
Having loved and lost with deep regrets..

Country Folk

Promises made
Walking the line but still fearing the loss of the one I love

Alternative Folk

Road I'm Takin
Choices we all have to make in our lives and how we all need each other

Alternative Folk Rock

Shining Through
How it may take a lifetime to even begin to know what love means in our lives

Alternative Folk Rock

Together We'll Be
No matter where we are and in doubt of getting there we can do it together

Alternative Indie Folk

Yet I Dream
All the things we would love to experience and learn but never will because life is too short

Alternative Indie Folk

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12/26/2012 9:33:30 AM
Hey All: I'm working on getting out my pre-release demo CDs of our new album:
Walt Cronin & Martin Beal Gone So Long. You can listen to them in their entirety on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/waltcronin Hoping to of course post them here on IAC but costs have been mounting an mounting on this project. Thanks for all your past support !
Have a Great New Year !
Walt Cronin

Carrie Wade

11/23/2010 5:12:07 PM
Walt I'm so sorry I'm just getting back to you now. I'm so appreciative of the kind words you left for me at my page regarding my song "Broken Soldier". That you are a veteran and were able to find some truth in the words of the song pleases me as the song was not written from first-hand experience as I know you must know. I am however so sorry for what I am sure was an inordinate amount of sadness and pain during your time at war. I look forward to listening to your songs now. My very best to you and those you hold dear, always!


11/9/2010 5:43:11 PM

Thanks Walt

check out Indie Spirit-all the best to you and yours

Rob (silverwood)

Walt Cronin

10/12/2010 11:05:04 AM
Song " California I Gotta Run " # 3 on Music Forte Folk Chart Oct. 10th
http://www.musicforte.com/charts/genre/folk/ Thanks, Walt

Walt Cronin

9/7/2010 7:46:42 PM

Review by: Half Hearted Dude

One of my favourite songs of the last decade was 2005’s A Desperate Cry for Help by the sadly rather obscure and now disbanded alt-country group The Beauty Shop. Walt Cronin’s third album reminds me a lot of the Beauty Shop, right down to his gravelly baritone and lovely Americana arrangements. Already in his 50s — this post so far seems to specialise in grey follicles — Cronin’s voice and sound reflect the experience of life, wistfully and defiantly. “I would never count the days of my life, but I’ll always let the dawn greet my eyes,” the former medic in the Vietnam war sings in Shinin’ Through, one of several sweet love songs on this most appealing set.


Walt Cronin

9/7/2010 7:32:24 PM

On his third release Walt continues his folk/Americana singing/songwriting. A storyteller like Kris Kristoffersen, this is an album about being on the road and pursuing dreams. Nice job.
Bruce Greenberg

Walt Cronin

8/6/2010 5:54:49 PM
I'm pleased to now have all 13 songs from my new CD: California I Gotta Run posted on IAC for all to listen and hopefully enjoy..
Peace On Earth ( it's not a seasonal thing )

Walt Cronin

8/6/2010 5:54:23 PM
I'm pleased to now have all 13 songs from my new CD: California I Gotta Run psoted on IAC for all to listen and hopefully enjoy..
Peace On Earth ( it's not a seasonal thing )



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I wasn't sure when I would officially release my new CD called: ""California I

Gotta Run."" It looks like the time kind of picked itself. (June 25, 2010) This is my

3rd CD release. The first

being ""The Gousters"" in 2005, the 2nd ""Walt Cronin - The Gousters,"" in 2008

and now ""California I Gotta Run."" (Folk, Americana, Alt-Country, Folk-Rock)

I have all the songs posted on Airplay Direct for all radio stations, labels

and reviewers for consideration at:

http://airplaydirect.com/music/waltcronin/ ( songs , lyrics and notes ) The

physical CD is also available if you prefer. Please just drop me a note.

The official name of the CD is Walt Cronin - California I Gotta Run. I hope

you’ll consider taking some time to listen as I feel that the two years I've

invested in this project have

well been worth the effort. More information and photos will be posted on my

website: www.thegousters.com in the coming days. Lots of past reviews can be

found here as well.

Quote:""Tender and introspective songs with a realness and authenticity that is

becoming quite rare."" Beeb Ashcroft Indie-Music.com

Peace On Earth ( it's not a seasonal thing )
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