Slow Motion... The name clearly speaks for itself.
We’re proud to produce music that is timeless, while at the same time leaving the norm in the past. Our music is not for those who are satisfied with listening to things that they have heard someplace else before. Slow Motion Sounds represents a way of thinking, an idea of culture, and a southern state of mind. Slow Motion transcends geographical expectations, and proves that location has nothing at all to do with the production of quality music.

And as if that weren’t enough, and if hearing isn’t believing, we ask: How can you tell that we are from down the Low Down, the All Lovely, the A.L.? Could it be because your 12z bounce as soon as the first note hits your Cerwin Vegaz? Or is it that the crisp high hats and snares tickle your ears down to the drum? Maybe it’s the reminiscent piano keys that paint pictures of your life or the life you once lived?

Yeah, we’re from the south. It’s no different from where you live. We hustle; we still chase dreams. It’s just that your Benzes and Beamers are our Chevy’s and Lacs. We got pimps. Ours just wear creased jeans and Air Max. And in mouths down here, ice grills are str8 gold. Slow Motion means that while the whole world is racing by at 100 mph, we are traveling at a steady 50. Enjoying successful longevity while observing everything along the way- learning from our mistakes.

Be sure to grab the album at for only 8 dollars you get a album packed with 42 banging songs, get your taste by checking the songs above or peeping the album sampler at

Lacs & Prices Ft T.I.

Hip Hop/Rap

Hustlers Story

Hip Hop/Rap

Cold Blooded

Hip Hop/Rap

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katey just wantted to say hey and fuck the haters' yall gonna make it
SOHNN Wsup dawg...Lacs & Prices aint playing, actually the link hasnt been working for me for many months now
SOHNN When you guyz comin up wit a nu joint, Cold blooded is my all time favorite....damn
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