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Red-eyed soul that puts you in the mood. A five piece ensemble embodying the essence of deep groove and intimacy, THE JANE DOE'S are creating honest music that the inner self longs to hear.

Their signature sound is shaped first and foremost by frontman Andy Tubman's unique voice. It comforts the soul with its tender vulnerability, yet remains with the listener in an uncannily haunting fashion as Andy emotes a rainbow of experience within every note. This honesty cannot be faked and is made possible through Andy's extensive work as a musical therapist for the mentally impaired. His experience in mental hospitals has exposed Andy to the extreme delicacies of humanity and it's nature.

While Andy alone has the ability to silence a crowded room with his unmistakable voice, the music created with the band can silence a stadium. The distinct heartbeat of the Jane Doe's is set up by a pair of amazing drummers, Brad Colton and Ian Grom. These two gentleman have toured together in Great Britain, studied in Brazil, and both received their Bachelor Degrees in Music from Cal State Long Beach. Through this they have adopted a common rhythmic mind as if separated at birth. By subtely blending instruments and rhythms from various world cultures with modern Western drumming, a new hybrid texture is created in a live situation that would typically only be heard as a layer of loops and samples on a studio recording.

Adding to the backbone and foundation of the groove, the bass dropping bottom end is owned by a man only known as Gus. His credentials are way too long to list, but his funk is unphasing and his playing takes no prisoners.

Floating over the top of it all is keyboard player John Kurby adding to the canvas vibrant impressionistic splashes of color through his ten magical fingers. Fresh and new, the Jane Doe's are the music of NOW and something not to be ignored.

Sad Again


Junkie is a funkified ode to mainlining sexual energy.


You Bring The Devil


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youtubeguy Thought you should know "Junkie" was featured in a LonelyGirl15 video on youtube.com -- interesting
John Flora Jr. Finally found something I didn't turn right off. Thanks JANE
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* Andy solo
* Saturday
* June 11
* The Alterknit Lounge
* Hollywood, CA
* 9:30pm
* 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
* Join Andy Tubman of The Jane Doe's for an intimate solo performance at The Knitting Factory (Hollywood) this Saturday, June 11th at 9:30. He will play selections from Sloe Gin Fizz, some Jane Doe's fav's and debut some brand new songs.

* The Jane Doe's
* Saturday
* June 18
* private party
* Los Angeles, CA
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