Kalle Wainio started writing and performing songs at the age of 17 under the pseudonym ‘Kalle Mattson’. In early ‘08 he was joined by comrades Rory Lewis and Patrick Larkin, expanding Kalle Mattson from a Dylan-influenced solo act into an experimental folk-rock trio. They self-produced their first EP in July 2008, entitled Telescope. Telescope sold out all 150 limited edition discs in six short months. After countless shows, Kalle Mattson returned to the studio in January ‘09, working with local legends Mark Gough (Best Engineer – 2009 NOMFA) and multi-instrumentalist Frank Deresti on bass. The result of this collaboration is a new disc entitled ‘Whisper Bee’ which expands and improves even further on Kalle Mattson’s original folk, experimental, and pop blend. ‘Whisper Bee’ was released in May ‘09. Now with a talented new lineup consisting of Kalle Wainio (Songs, Lead Vocals, Guitar), Rory Lewis (Lead Guitar, Synthesizers, Audible Strangeness), Théan Slabbert (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Jimmie Chiverelli (Percussion), they have created a unique, and energetic live sound. Inspired by the many artists with which they have shared the stage (The Wooden Sky, Great Bloomers, You Say Party We Say Die!, Coco Love Alcorn, The Pack A.D., Vancougar, The Deep Dark Woods, Spiral Beach, Elliott Brood and Cowboy Junkies to name a few), the future looks very bright for Kalle Mattson.

""Kalle Wainio on the other hand, seems to be wise beyond his years musically and emotionally. The Sault Ste. Marie native and his band – Kalle Mattson - show more potential than any young band I’ve come across lately.""
- HeroHill.com

""Like Wilco colliding with a sunny day, Kalle Mattson injects indie-rock with elements off-kilter folk and rootsy accents. Ringing guitars, Jeff Tweedy-style vocals, and exhibiting rock finesse to counterbalance their youngish appearance. This four-piece from Sault Ste. Marie is a triumph of radiant energy. They definitely have their hearts in the right place.""
- The Lonely Vagabond

""Their music is reminiscent of a more lyrically accessible John K. Samson combined with a softer, slightly more tender take on Wilco's melodic sensibilities. Sad and simple; charming in their honesty. When these qualities are placed inside of Kalle Mattson's skillfully created melodic folk-rock sound, it makes for a highly enjoyable album with which pretty much anyone can identify. I've said before that I think this type of music is intrinsically therapeutic for the human soul.""
- The Mad Ones

""Whisper Bee is a quaint, pleasant, conversational album from what seems like a really nice group of kids(?)...""
- London, Burgeoning Metropolis

""Songs like Hall of Oats and Bomb Threat Blues had heads bobbing and bodies dancing, while others such as Jack Frost and Come To Me (In Symmetry) evoked thoughtful reflection and showcased Wainio's impressive skills as a lyricist.""
- Donna Hopper (Sootoday)

""One of Sault Ste. Marie's most talented bands... with time Kalle Mattson will easily be named among the great folk/indie artists.""
Telescope EP - ?????
Whisper Bee LP - ?????
- Northern Rocks

Hall Of Oats

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Whisper Bee

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

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Hop On Pop

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Hey guys!
Welcome to IAC! It's great to see you here and to hear your music. I've loved it for a while.

'PopTodd" (from VC)



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