Coming May 17th 2014, Ed Lyons releases his new album "Out of the Blue"! All the songs from the album are available as full-length previews on this site now.

Leading off the album is "Ghost Writer". Many are calling it the best thing he has ever done! It is a tribute to those who write the songs, many behind the scenes, that you hear performed by the biggest names in music. Heartfelt, true and honest, against a sweeping Rock soundscape, this song will stay in your head and live in your heart.

Ed has tapped in to a new writing form, and there is an eclectic mix ranging from Pop to Rock which will interest a wide audience. The songs feature solid rhythms, rich acoustic focus, soaring harmonies, and quite a few interesting surprises. He has set the bar as high as it will go and is ready to deliver.

Critics and reviewers, as well as selected members of the public, have received advance copies in recent weeks of Out of the Blue the reaction for everyone was an enthusiastic outpouring of praise and acclamation for a stellar accomplishment, the like of which hasn't been seen in twenty years .

Ed spent the better part of the last year writing, arranging, recording, and mixing. A perfectionist, he will not release an album until everything is just right, and by all accounts, it is.

Besides writing the words and music, Ed plays all instruments except bass - and he performs all vocals as well. We invite you to have a listen, enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Enjoy this epic release from Ed Lyons, soon to be a household name!

Available on IAC, ReverbNation, Bandcamp, SoundClick, Amazon, Itunes, and many more.

All of the proceeds from his promotions & CD release party are pledged to the American Cancer Society.

Ed started in Columbus, Ohio where he played and toured with a Southern Rock band in the early 80's called MYRAJ. They backed up several national acts. Ed still writes and plays out in the Kansas city area and has only one rule with his music (it's got to stay fun).

All songs are copyrighted PAU2-519-347

Visit The Gallery for more information.

To Look Back
From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"


I Wonder Why
From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"


From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"


From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"


Ghost Writer
From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"


Holiday On the Plaza
From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"


Cant Find My Way Home
From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"
Licensed Cover


The Answer
From the new CD "Lost in the Sun"


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3/23/2010 2:42:52 AM
Ed, your sound just gets better and better over the years! Love all the new stuff! Any artist looking for a collaborator would do well to team up with you.

Brenda Chidester

3/20/2010 8:31:58 PM
Hi Ed, really enjoyed listening to "The Answer". Every track was awsome, expecially track 5. Thanks for sharing!

Gabby T.

3/19/2010 3:58:45 PM
All great tracks Ed. You did your self proud!

Diane Hulfnagel

3/19/2010 1:07:44 PM
I like the Answer a lot and I put it on my station. Much Success to you!

Ed Lyons

3/18/2010 1:38:01 PM
Hey guys thank you so much for the compliments. It is nice to have the support of new and old fans, and other artists by the way I do like your music. its got some great edge to it.
Keep it up, you have got some good direction

Vack Dambol

3/13/2010 7:42:29 PM
Just stopping by to say, I listened months ago, and you have really got something with your new ones. My favorites are Your Day and Autumn. These are BIG tunes!

Frank Pilgrim

3/13/2010 6:27:43 PM
Hey man, really good songs here. They struck a chord with me. I think you might like mine too, so have a listen. Keep up the great work!


3/13/2010 12:02:04 PM
Hey Ed!
Of course I'm interested in being part of the band and touring. Can't wait for details so we can work it all out. More songs sound great. I loved working with you and Dave, you two are great. Thanks again, and congrats.
Erika :)

Washington Jones

3/13/2010 9:40:15 AM
Emotional, entertaining, rockin' too!


1/14/2010 3:01:47 PM
Hey Ed! I hope to work with you and Dave again as well! It was definetly my pleasure doing so. I had so much fun and it was a great opportunity, I just cannot thank you enough! Thanks soo much!
p.s. I love "The Answer", very catchy!

Ed Lyons

12/18/2009 10:16:25 PM
Thank you for all of the wonderful compliments. You did a great job, & your
vocals are awesome ! Dave & I look forward to working with you again
To find more out about the song you can click on to the song title. It will tell
you more about the song, and there are some great reviews.
It is refreshing to work with another person who is capable of adding such
a great performance to my song. Thanks

Bell Thanks for the great compliment, Dave and I will be doing the final mix
on the other 5 songs for the new CD. So they will be up with in 2
weeks. We know that everyone is going to really enjoy them, it is
just so hard to believe this day is finally here, this thing almost killed
us. So enjoy, as new ones start popping up every other day.
Ed Lyons


12/18/2009 6:42:22 PM
Ed, I just saw the new title to the song...LOVE it! I really admire your work and your skill with so many instruments. Again, I really did have a blast working with you and hope that we can do it again soon!
-Erika :)


12/14/2009 9:03:55 PM
Ed working with you on "Tonight" was awesome! Thank you si much for allowing me to be on the CD with you!

Bell Withers

11/14/2009 11:57:25 PM
Ed, Find My Way Home is my new favorite song! I haven't heard it before but it just kicks!

Bryon Tosoff

8/9/2009 2:33:01 AM
Ed, dig "Your Day"..nice piece of work added to Music is Truth,.
It has some great touches mix and fine production
If you need info or want to chat, I am at
sounds like you got things cooking and moving ahead nicely

best to you and your career




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