The AC Thundertones are an INTERNET ONLY band consisting of myself Paul Zarvis, and my brother John Zarvis. We wanted to BEAT test a band that did EVERYTHING from writing, recoding. mixing, mastering, printing CD's, Marketing and sales and EVERYTHING all on the INTERNET ONLY to see how far we could get without a record company and contract.
The results are coming in now after 4 years and they are very impressive with over 14,000 downloads of our songs, being played all over the U.S. and several other countries including the UK, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Canada, Italy, and have also won several Indie Music contests at OURSTAGE.COM and GARAGEBAND.COM. We have also been featured on several radio stations here in the U.S. as well as being on ((XM)) and SIRIUS' Blues stations so far.
Our goal is to now bring our results to the table of a record company and get signed!

Missin You is about a guy who cheated on his girl, she leaves him, he goes out on a bender for the weekend and wants her back. Classic Blues fodder no?

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Right now we've won the Blues Genre at OURSTAGE.COM for the month of June 2008 and that gives us a free entry into the John Lennon Song Festival as well as a $100.00 and some other cool prizes.

We would love it if anyone here at IAC Music likes us and would consider heading on over to THIS months AC Thundertones song entries and (ONLY if you like our music) vote for us. Every little bit helps and we're looking good right now as we're in 4th place with one of our tunes.
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