A wonderful debut from Italy's Soul Basement -- a top-shelf soul act with a really compelling sound! The group's only a duo, but they've got a really full and sparkling sound -- thanks to excellent lead vocals from the lovely Alessya Piermarini, who does her thing over keyboards laid down by Toriano, the other member of the group. The vocals and keys swell and dip beautifully over the EP's six tracks -- all sung in English, and with a smoothly seductive feel that matches the best of the current American underground! Titles include ""Time Is Hours"", ""Ninni Knows"", ""Stay Away"", ""It's Because I Like U"", and ""Never"". (DUSTY GROOVE AMERICA)

""It is music like this that inspires me to spin, to write, to share my vibe with others. Soul Basement have set out on a mission to make great music and the soul purists have been alerted. Toriano's production and Alessya's vocals fit like ""hand in glove"". I love their sound, smooth, melodic, and the cd has a perfect flow! ""Time Is Ours"" has been on the radar of the underground massive for a while now. Here's a grand opportunity to expand your RnB collection with a group breaking ground from across the waters. From Italy with love, I have to highly recommend this gem of a release. Sincerely, DJ Come of Age ""

-The next wave of soul music from italy!-
In the basement no more!! I'm really feeling the warm vibes from Soul Basement and that soulful, but very seductive song called ""Never"""" is on fire! You can feel the heat for sure on this cut and Alessya Piermarini is holding her own. It's like 'soul meets chill' and thats a real nice groove!! Soul Basemet are 'cool-peoples' from Italy with timeless music. Terry ''VOS'' Bello (Voice Of Soul) www.thesoullounge.com

Urban, soulful, jazzy, sophisticated, smooth.... all words that aptly describe the italian neo-soul duo. Combine the intricacies of jazz harmonies, the power of hip hop beats, and an innate soul-savvy sensibility, and you have arrived at the musical core that is Soul Basement. Fronted by super sultry vocalist Alessya Piermarini and Toriano who is one of the most promising musical talents Europe has to offer, Soul Basement is a project that has been turning heads ever since their inception in 1997. Picture Sade if she was backed by Digable Planets, and you get an idea of the cool sound that tha Basement invokes. While staying true to their roots of jazz, soul and R&B music, Soul Basement has managed to put an exciting electronic twist on otherwise forgotten styles making their music a truly unique and engaging hybrid.
Tha Basement represents what is new and refreshing in neo soul music. The band's lineup (Alessya Piermarini - lead & background vocals, Toriano - keyboards & programming) represents a cool blend of influences that unite in one, multi dimensional sound. As the name Soul Basement has become synonymous with deep soulful grooves, as well as urban, over-the-top live performances, it's easy to see why they have become one of the consistently top drawing acts in many Italian clubs, inspiring audiences of all kinds along the way. Soul Basement continues to reinvent itself, inspiring its ever-growing fan base with ongoing artistic evolution, synthesizing the most urban elements of neo soul and old sound to keep the party cooling.

Tha new single from SOUL BASEMENT


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