How does one go from donating plasma weekly for cash to being a full-time touring artist with her own record label? An element of serendipity has contributed to the success of singer/songwriter Meghann Robinson, and it shows in her music. Imagine: three months after learning her first guitar chord and with only two original songs in her arsenal, Meghann found herself performing for hundreds at Penn State University, just after being given personal words of encouragement from her longtime musical idol Antigone Rising. Since then, Meghann has toured the country and performed for Rock the Vote, the Bear Mountain Music Festival, been selected to host and perform in showcases for both Indiegrrl and GoGirls Music at South By Southwest in Austin, TX, and placed her songs in multiple films and documentaries. This, usually barefoot, modern troubadour has been singing and playing guitar for captive audiences on both coasts since she packed up her sparse possessions and moved from the great outdoors of Colorado to a tiny apartment in a Manhattan crack house, complete with coroners sticker on the door. She was living her dream in NYC. For extra recording cash, Meghann even took a cleaning job at the offices of a major music company; anonymously scrubbing toilets and cleaning up condoms for rock stars and their entourages, while learning that its actually the producers and lawyers that make the biggest messes. Once settled in the City, Meghann began playing steady gigs to a loyal fan base at legendary clubs like the Bitter End, CBGBs, C-Note and the Knitting Factory. When listening to Meghanns music, as one fan says, youll find yourself wondering if its the girl next door or the girl from the other side of the tracks that youve just fallen in love with. Drive is her latest EP that features full-band arrangements of four of Meghanns most personal - and most popular songs. One of those serendipitous moments with a co-worker led Meghann to the studio of producer Dan Coutant. The two played every instrument on the CD and created a sound thats radio-ready, while staying true to the intimacy of Meghanns live shows. Currently booking her headlining mid-west tour and working on a live album, Meghann continues to write about her experiences in preparation for a full studio release and saves her blood for the stage.

Still I Dig

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana


Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana


Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

Need U

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

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Meghann Robinson