Steve's story began in a old broken down hog shed in the back of his family's farm. Armed with a tape recorder and a deep burning passion for music, Steve transformed that old barn into a makeshift recording studio. Steve then spent the next three years relentlessly honing and polishing every aspect of his performing and finally recorded a very impressive demo. And the music that emerged from those original recordings were afire with a unique, irresistible, and driven sound. Country with a thump. Power Country. The vibrant force and style of Steve Cline.

Music has always been a staple of Steve's life as far back as he can remember. In his early years, Steve was infused with a variety of gospel, bluegrass and traditional country music styles . Later in his teens, Steve switched gears and began fronting a popular St. Louis, MO area rock band, complete with a horn section. He then honed his skills as a player through constant club dates, concert performances , and benefit shows (even early in his career it was important for Steve to use his talents to benefit others).

After a few years of the rock scene Steve became disenchanted. Maybe it was his father's love of bluegrass and country music that prompted him to reach far back to his roots; but combined with his gospel and rock experience and his powerful, passionate vocal delivery, a style uniquely his own emerged. Power country.

Steve is currently signed with Castle Records Nashville and is working on his debut album with Castle which should be completed in early 2008.

Better Way To Say Goodbye


One Man Wrecking Crew

Country Rock

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Jake McVey

4/11/2008 11:08:04 PM
Thank you for all your support. Take care and best wishes

Jake McVey



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Steve Cline