Distraught, disheveled, inventive and exploding on the scene. This process details the evolution of the alt-rock experience aptly tagged Fair to Midland. Exceeding any interpretation of ‘average,’ and rather carrying their title as a shield, their sound is an extraordinary surprise for the unarmed listener. Beyond the buzz and anticipation lies five unique individuals that, together, have created an intense and wildly exciting brand of rock.

Vice Versa
from Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True.

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the walls of jericho

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dance of the manatee

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""I love this band! Andrew Sudderth has those old-school metal pipes, the ones that swoop from operatic to Linda Blair in seconds. When he’s not singing, he’s flat-out freaking; it’s like being witness to an electrocution. No one can deny something fascinating is happening onstage. It’s the kind of thrill I’ve been searching for.""
- Sarah Hepola, Dallas Observer

""It was though I was listening to the mutant offspring of Rush, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, The Mars Volta, Gary Numan, and Pantera; grown up and having run off to start their own volcano-worshipping doomsday cult in the desert.""
- Rob Gary, The Indie Scoop

""...this record is the perfect beacon to lead the way into the coming fallout of the emotional rock genre. Filed with exceptional song writing, nimbly handled lyricism and a huge creative identity; this is the most important record since Brand New’s - ‘Deja Entendu’ and rightly so – because in many ways it deftly surpasses it.""
- Liam Thompson, stateofemergency.net
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Fair To Midland