Neil w Young Wow, Norm, thank you ever so much for your kind words and glowing review of "There Won't Be Any Arizona" and of my 'Dreams In The Wind' album ... Neil
Neil w Young Thank you too, Norm, for your stations and commitment to IMP - stellar!!
Scott love the comments here
blindman zero Hi Norm,thanks for the comment on Street of Ruin, means a lot.Bryon T.
David Hey Norm, I am speechless...or "writeless?" Thank you for your comment bout the Man in the Window, featuring Abby London. Wow! May I quote you on my social media and perhaps my website? Thanks a lot. Keep curating!
Norm David, you may quote me all over the world.
Jack Morris Thanks for recognizing the music of The OverSoul! It's pretty humbling around so many great musicians and composers.
Norm Jack, I am totally into The OverSoul and consider you as part of this family of great musicians and composers.
Neil w Young Thank you, Norm, for adding my cover of "For You" to your Desperado Comments station and for your ever so special words - means a lot. God bless, Neil
Charmian Devi Thank you Norm for acknowledging the heartbreak of this tune, No Peace and for adding it here..really appreciate it.
bryon tosoff thanks norm for your support, consideration and comment here, much appreciated
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Desperado Comments
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Bryon Tosoff
I Wanna Be Someone Worthwhile
Sometimes the simplest melody combined with the simplest lyrics make for the most beautiful track. Here's one from Bryon that you can sing to. added to station 6/13/2020 9:11:43 PM
Eclectic 8354
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Charmian Devi
No Peace
As a fellow Canadian it is always nice to acknowledge another. Read your BIO and it is impressive. The subject matter here I am more than familiar with as with what happened in Montreal in the early 90 's and more recently what happened in Nova Scotia. Thank you for bringing it all to the forefront as you do. - Norm added to station 5/10/2020 6:39:08 PM
Alternative 8354
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The Brown Water Navy
Leave it to Stoneman to tell us how it was from personal experience as he often does in many of his tracks. This one would have done well on that Woodstock Stage back then. added to station 5/9/2020 9:18:18 PM
Classic Rock 8354
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Neil w Young
For You - with Ray Lyell
Thank you for covering this one Neil. Every time I listen to it I feel at peace with myself. That photo of you is so serene. I will keep it at the top of my Christian/Spiritual station as I feel it is a good anchor for it. - With Love - Norm added to station 4/23/2020 7:22:58 PM
Alternative Country 8354
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The OverSoul
Back In New Orleans
This track I shared to a tagged FB friend who is hunkered down in New Orleans. We have developed a relationship in these times through our similar tastes in mainstream music. Decided to expose him to IndieMusicPeople through The OverSoul and he was absolutely loving it and in turn shared it to his friend list on FB. added to station 4/21/2020 4:14:08 PM
Acoustic Adult Contemporary 8354
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David Nyro
The Man in the Window, Featuring Abby London
I once told David that this was the most beautiful song I had heard in decades. I still stand by that statement. Abby London's singing here is quite a delight. added to station 4/20/2020 1:09:02 PM
Alternative Indie Folk 8354
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Trapped Again
She throws out the hook and sets you up for a 3 minute ride that is worth your time. added to station 1/18/2020 7:00:48 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 8354
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The Jay Dyall Project
Standing On A Corner (new 2019 version)
On this one, Jay Dyall has taken me back to my childhood and teen days. I was raised in a neighbourhood where many a face stood at the corner. Today, in my senior years, I live in a neighbourhood where many a face stand at the corner. And yes, you do wonder what happened to many of these faces. added to station 1/18/2020 6:57:07 PM
Modern Rock 8354
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Barley Station
The Fog
When this track came out, it made my day. I needed it. It's got this Beatlesque thing going for it in the backup vocals wich makes it quite interesting. added to station 1/18/2020 6:50:08 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 8354
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The OverSoul
Without Me
I've been following "The Oversoul" for the last year. They appeal to me. There is always a place on my stations for them. I especially enjoy what they do with the piano. added to station 1/18/2020 6:45:04 PM
Singer-Songwriter 8354
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Street of Ruin
True story from the moment I first heard this track. My buddy Gilles came over for a visit. Now, he was aware that I had these "Desperado Revue" stations at IMP. So I decide to show him what it was all about. Opened the site and there was this new track from a new artist in the "Industrial/Beat Rock" genre. Neither of us had heard of the genre. Within 5 seconds we reacted positively with a loud "Right On". We realized that Bob Dylan had delved into that genre in the mid-eightys, though I doubt that anything was labelled as such back then. The genre sure was understood for us on that day. added to station 1/11/2020 7:33:59 PM
Industrial/Beat Rock 8354
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Dirt Road Sunset
Listening to this one this morning. I realized that I now had the perfect station for it. It now plays on "Desperado Tornado Blues". added to station 1/11/2020 7:12:13 PM
Guitar Instrumental 8354
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The Dorroughbys
Where The Tombstones Keep The Time
This title got my attention when it came out. I had never heard it put out that way. The soldier, the seamstress and the tombstones combine here to tell us story of war, love and passing time. added to station 1/11/2020 7:05:33 PM
Country 8354
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Neil w Young
There Won't Be Any Arizona
Last year, Neil released his "Dreams In The Wind" album over a two week period. For me it was a Radio Station Manager's dream. One track a day to add to stations. The anticipation never left during that period. On this track Neil and the Band are tight. The vocalists are energized. This one has made it into my internal jukebox, you know, those tracks that you hum or sing in your head when you're waiting for a bus or other situations. added to station 1/11/2020 6:57:34 PM
Country 8354
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