Neil w Young Many thanks, Steve, from Ray and I for adding our song to your 3 Great New Songs station and for your kind words - much appreciated. We are honoured to share the stage with Tom and dana and their great songs ... Neil
Dana lClancy Thanks for the add and comments-I actually submitted a variation of the lyric in a poetry class some time ago-the instructor declared it to be "joycean"-good calln"
Tom O'Brien So nice of you to highlight these songs. Hope you enjoy listening to "Cap'n Crunch at midnight, as well as these other two great songs.
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selections by steve april


3 Great New Songs
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from Neil W. Young, Tom O'Brien, Dana Clancy
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Neil w Young
Every Single Time - with Ray Lyell
a song forever young..."a beauty from Neil (with Ray Lyell), melody, vocals, catchy chorus, all stellar, the harmonies are grand, the uke (or is that a mandolin) also, and the sax part's a tasty touch, a sax that seems work great with the clarinet, the gal backing vocals at the end, the storytellin', a sonic delight, kudos..." Moods For All Seasons added to station 5/7/2019 1:15:35 AM
Blues 8314
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Tom O'Brien
Cap'n Crunch at Midnight
"oh such a lovely song, wow, you uncorked a beauty Tom, like the waking/sleeping motif, the the window, the moon, the painting detail, home from work, kudos...(paul simon would have liked to write this song imhv)..."The Thanksgiving Zone added to station 5/7/2019 1:17:59 AM
Acoustic Adult Contemporary 8314
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