Verity I'm having such fun looking back and finding a varied ion of songs I liked 10 years ago at IAC/IMP
Verity No-one was tempted back, even after i wrote some great reviews for them. Such a shame.
Verity So, not a single artist came in out of curiosity to look at their song and review - good job I got pleasure from doing them but I do think it's a shame :(
Larry Killip Haven't checked in at IMP for the longest time, great to find your review of Walking In Western Park, many thanks.
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It was a particularly good year for indies on this site
Although it was 10 years ago and many of the artists will has gone from IMP or even from music producing altogether. I (Verity) hope to temp some folks back to relive this vintage year with me.
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Catherine And The Owl
The Cellar Song
Such passion, this artist pulls his soul out through his mouth, it reaches musical climax after musical climax. How can such a desperate dirge be so entertaining? There's a story, told in the cellar that escalates to the rooftops. There's so much clever instrumentation and little points of interest. It may have a simple melody format but you can hear how much went into the making of this important piece - Verity added to station 6/8/2018 8:35:25 AM
Alternative 8227
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The Hot Rocks
Little Red Stiletto
I have to include this, it makes me feel good. I especially like the busy bass riffs but also I enjoyed the early anticipation, just knowing that the chorus is gonna WOW ya is a great feeling when it actually does. This band are more adventurous than your average Rock band - they slot in a surprise drop/change in style that makes you nod in appreciation. In fact the intro gives no clues as to what to expect. You might call this a 'walk on part' that takes center stage. Thought went into the lyrics and thought went into listener enjoyment factor. I wonder what the Hot Rocks have done since 2008. Ever thought about bringing something over to IMP boys? - Verity added to station 6/3/2018 9:36:37 AM
Alternative Pop Rock 8227
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Wheel Of Fortune
Sometimes I just need a brain slamming screaming Power Rock blast like this to blow away the cobwebs. Totally immersive, while you have this gigantic production eating you up there is no escape. Just want to get even closer, in the front row of a live concert or even better, under the speakers... or maybe on over-sized headphones as you cruise down the highway on your Harley. IMP is short of songs like this. I wonder if GMT are still doing the business of keeping Rock alive - Verity added to station 6/3/2018 8:32:37 AM
Rock 8227
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The Talent
A Most Peculiar Way
Talent by name and talent by nature! This one gets you into a mellow mood straight off. Love the slightly Latin rhythm and that warm guitar shuffle. There's an interesting observational story, a narration with lyrics packed tight and expertly performed. The punchline "A most peculiar way" is a show stopper to hang your hat on every time it comes around, love it. The vocal backing gives a party-time feel. I honestly can't fault this song. Where are you now boys? IMP would love to see you again - Verity added to station 6/3/2018 8:43:15 AM
Alternative 8227
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Phew...Now here's a man I'd like to get to know better, he has such a presence, all man yet kind of sweet when you listen to what he's singing. The verse has a great 9 note, rise and fall melody. Excellent lead guitar that also makes me tingle. It's a hot swingin' Country kicker. Oh Ronnie, you could be an old crooner by now but I wished I'd known you back then ha-ha. But if you're still a youthful Country cowboy give me a call and I'll give you a little somethin' somethin' to remember! - Verity added to station 6/3/2018 9:05:03 AM
Country 8227
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Face On The Sun
How do songs as good as this slip under the IMP radar? It's radio ready, the music is tight and creative, the arrangement is satisfying, the vocals/lyrics are distinctive and pleasing, the chorus is welcome every time it returns. Boy, this song has it all, it motors along like an express train, it skims the surface like a speedboat leaving a trail of rippling vibrations in it's wake. I'd have though all the 'rockers' on this site would have added this to their playlists or talked about it somewhere but no! Now the band are probably far away or dissolved into a musical ether. I must do a little research before I write this stuff in future :) Verity added to station 6/2/2018 11:16:30 AM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 8227
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I just discovered that Jillianne's Son Gavin (Great Central) uploaded all his songs in 2008. I could have picked any of them, they're all totally original and have a lovely warm, melodic quality. Many Stations selected them at the time. This one is mainly acoustic but the vocal harmonies are so moving, deep and resonant. The thing with Great Central songs is they are rarely 'one size fits all' He doesn't switch on a drum machine or a synth sample, he crafts his songs, manipulates the phrases, volumes and speeds, the passion that fills the artist comes through in the music. Sadly, like many young artists (in every field) when success doesn't happen, the heart sinks and they lose the will to continue. Gavin has since written 5 books, but writing, just like music is not something you can make a living from unless you have luck and good connections. Fortunately IMP is one of very few places where these songs can be played, every special and lovingly crafted one of them. Verity added to station 6/3/2018 2:03:25 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 8227
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The Offshore Electric Company
A Year Spent Underwater
On the face of it this song seems to be a pleasant enough melodic slow rock song with a really inviting riff... but something odd happens - the whole thing goes out of control, you think it's a mistake at first but then you understand that the band want to make a statement that they don't follow the expected path, so the listeners sense of security is shattered. Now it's very subtle but quite clever. Looking at the title and the band name, I should have seen it coming. There's obviously a lot of thought gone into the song - I need to follow this up - Verity added to station 6/3/2018 5:23:51 AM
Indie Rock 8227
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Larry Killip
Walking In Western Park
I didn't think I was going to enjoy this song at first but now I think I found a little gem (for me at least) You see I have a "Western Park" that I often used to walk around so I can picture the scene, which helps. Larry has an appealing voice and vocal projection, touches of Gilbert O'Sullivan are evident - in fact the narrative style of this song adds to this impression. I like a song with a story that holds my interest but the addition of great music and extra harmonies make it a little more enticing. Will definitely check out more from this artist - Verity added to station 6/3/2018 5:38:45 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 8227
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Bat Lenny
All the Books I Never Read
Remember Bat Lenny, they wrote/produced some really unique alternative songs with deep introspective lyrics usually. Stegor was also a valued Pipeline contributor I believe. You'll never hear another song quite like this, it comes and goes, in and out, short and long, up and down then it settles and finds solid ground as the Rock kicks in. It's a very interesting arrangement, with angelic ambiance mingling alongside a pretty, tapping percussive melody. The vocal sits well, it's natural and has a poignant clarity. A musing song with easy to understand lyrics, some emotive peaks and just that feel of quality. Come back Bat Lenny, you have fans here - Verity added to station 6/2/2018 9:56:56 AM
Classic and Progressive Rock 8227
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Cryin Shame
I wonder what happened to this band since 2008, from the sound of this song they had a promising future. I really like the voice of the lead singer (and lead guitar) It's a stomach wrenching production that gives you all it can. stonethrone have a thrown back sound to real 'band' rock from a decade or two earlier. It's a "Crying Shame" we don't have more indies like this at IMP today. A moving production I'd play again any day - Verity added to station 6/2/2018 7:36:07 AM
indie alternative 8227
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Sean O'Neill
lament for a lost song
If you start listening to this long acoustic guitar lament played and sung by Sean O'Neil, then you're going to have to stay til the end just to see how it turns out. The subject matter is something all songwriters will identify with - you always lose the best songs before you get to write them down or record them .... and I guess you always lose the best women in classic Country music songs too. Real cute. What are you doing these days Sean and did you ever find what you lost? - Verity added to station 6/2/2018 8:54:27 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 8227
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morten richter
Backfire baby
If you were into 1970s Glam Rock, Suede, Mott the Hoople, Bowie, it'll all come back to you as you listen to this Norwegian artist. The vocal has the projection of Marc Bolan mixed with a Jaggerish swagger. Nice to have a piano featuring in a production like this, adds an arty quality. Morton was in his early flushes of success in 2008, I wonder what he's doing today? I still have the dying strains of this song whirling around my head, well worth a play - Verity added to station 6/2/2018 8:14:40 AM
Power Pop 8227
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8 years old
Such a clearly sung song and that's important because the lyrics are charming. All the memories go back to when he was 8 years old and that's a special, innocent and happy age for most kids. I'm assuming it's a 4 guy band from the pic (no details) and I can hear a well balanced production. Hints of soul and funk described as Electro/Ska/Pop, there's an honest vibe filtering through that warms a listeners heart. This British band's other song made it to IMP stations but not this. I hope they see we're still listening and tell us what happened in the last 10 years. Verity. added to station 6/2/2018 8:40:53 AM
Alternative 8227
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Robin Overall
Call My Name Again
Just a great song with all the elements it needs. Not sure if Robin is a single indie artist or a pro but it sounds like a full stage production here. I particularly like the bass work. When the harmonies kick in on those end phrase notes I am taken back the the days of The Hollies, but this has much more thrust to it. Where are you now Robin? Your name is "Overall" and I overall I think you have a great talent. People must stay with this until the absolutely amazing solo guitar spot. It's enough to make other indies want to crawl into a hole. Loved it - Verity added to station 6/2/2018 7:49:14 AM
Classic and Progressive Rock 8227
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Gordon Leed
Amazon Dream
Such a moving piece of ambient music from Gordon Leed. It was written as a plea for everyone to get involved with the preservation of the Amazon rain forests. I don't know what has happened there since 2008? I'll never visit South America myself but through this plaintive soundscape I am transported to a mysterious, enchanting, fragile part of Earth - Verity added to station 6/2/2018 7:19:49 AM
Ambient 8227
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