Anonymous I love this song and really think it fits this playlist perfectly !
Steve White Thank you for the add. I appreciate it.
Bob Elliott Thank you greatly for you support!
William Brooks Thanks for adding Land of Lincoln
Neil w Young Many thanks, Steve, for adding "The Silver Cross Medal of Honour" and for your awesome review - truly appreciated by all in the crew.
The Gousters Thank you for adding Way Back Home! Best, Walt Cronin
Alice TRiskel Wow!Thank you very much for adding me to your station and for such a good review. It really surprises me and makes me very happy when I see that people like it, suddenly all the effort is rewarded. Thank you very much!
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Change The World
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utopia, revolution, a little oasis...
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Alice Triskel
ooh, really like this, kind of an anthemic power-struggle, w top notch production, building synth and strong vocal, neat backing vocals and strings, cannot quite hear all the lyrics, but does not matter, the break-it-down end seems to suit the song well, kudos... added to station 2/20/2020 2:39:23 AM
Synth Pop 7974
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Neil w Young
The Silver Cross Medal of Honour - with Ray Lyell
a song commemorating fallen-in-combat, and their grieving families, sad and true, tasteful, rockin' band, rousing backing vocals, and grand production touches, kudos... added to station 12/15/2019 11:16:59 PM
Miscellaneous 7974
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The Gousters
Way Back Home
catches an America vibe, on the road , on the road, on the road, grand mysterioso guitar backing, and the rattllin' drums, roads like this are not so hard to find, and rarely a theme in song, the gousters are a fountainhead, a treasure, dip into their work... added to station 1/21/2020 1:32:17 AM
Americana 7974
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Bryon Tosoff
rObOtS building hUmAnS
the ever playful/mischievous Bryon t. astounds, engages, and disconcerts with his edgy variations on modern technology and life, sounds different each time I hear this... added to station 6/24/2018 1:03:04 AM
electro groove 7974
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William Ben Brooks
Land of Lincoln
rockin' harmonica, storytellin' sends this bluesy song into orbit, subterranean (or not so subterranean)americana... added to station 9/22/2016 1:00:58 PM
Acoustic Rock 7974
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Bob Elliott
Change the World
a wonderful song, musical, vibrant, elusive (or maybe magical),love it, as far as i'm concerned, these guys are my role models, their music shines a light... added to station 8/29/2016 2:25:22 PM
Singer-Songwriter 7974
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Steve April
Rue de la World
thanks mark, stellar guitar... added to station 8/29/2016 2:36:26 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 7974
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Bryon Tosoff
Entering The Forests Of The Upper Yangtze
the opening draws me in, gotta love the whistles over the piano, reminds me of bird life, a sunny, spring day, kinda eases into the rest of the piece, marco polo on a woodland trail, a stranger in a strange land...what he finds there, well, history, kudos... added to station 4/3/2018 1:45:05 AM
Improvisational 7974
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Steve White
Beggar in the Night
kickinwailin' guitar downwindystreet, storytellin', in a film noire setting...are you hungry? added to station 8/29/2016 2:47:49 PM
Blues 7974
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