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Leonardo of Pisa, or Leonardus Pisanus, usually called Fibonacci (from "filius Bonacci"), an Italian mathematician of the 13th century. Of his personal history few particulars are known. His father was called Bonaccio, most probably a nickname with the ironical meaning of "a good, stupid fellow", while to Leonardo himself another nickname, Bigollone (dunce, blockhead), seems to have been given. Leonardo was educated at Bugia, and afterwards toured the Mediterranean. Fibonacci's series is a sequence of numbers such that any term is the sum of the two preceding terms: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. The series is intimately connected to the so-called golden ratio (phi, or 0.61803...), and finds much presence in natural phenomena, trigonometry, art and architecture.


Leonardo Fibonacci's Station
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A coxcomb's sampler of precious, boil-brained fustilarianism
The Fibonaccis rose out of the early-'80s art punk scene in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing from film scores, circus music, as well as bizarre pop culture in general, the band took their name after Leonardo Fibonacci, the 14th Century Italian mathematician. Fibonaccis' first EP was released in 1982 on the Index label, (fi'-bo-na'-chez). With a rising reputation as a live band, the group wrote the soundtrack to the cult horror/comedy TerrorVision. They returned to the studio to record the album Civilization and Its Discotheques (1987) but disbanded in 1988. – Geoff Orens
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The Fibonaccis
Ordinary Women
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The Fibonaccis
Sergio Leone
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The Fibonaccis
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Giving In Then Giving Up
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Dance 729
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Sinister Utopia
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Jazz 729
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