Karl Sloan Hi there. Many thanks for featuring my music. New track 'The Last Time' has just been added if you get the chance to have a listen. All the very best and Christmas wishes, Karl. :)
Michael Caruso I would so appreciate you adding it to your station here. Always gratitude, m.c.
ZoSia Karbowiak I'm so proud and thrilled to be back on Indie Music People with my Song "Liquid Sky" that was featured on Robert Lamm's CD "Living Proof". I Would Love if you would give a listen and add to your station. thanks so much, Zo
Francesca Geez Bryon! Thanks!
Francesca Too much - but thank you sincerely
Steve Ison Many thanx for such a cool review n add o Willow Bryon..A lovely surprise !
Barley Station Thanks for the add and the beautiful review!
Francesca Tamellini That was fast! Thank you!
Bob Elliott Thanks for the great support. A better mix went up today 6/13/17
War Thank-you very much for your kind review and for adding us to your station. Great music here!
Steve Ison Hey Bryon..Many thanx for your wonderful words n kind thoughts on Love In A Strange World..Very much appreciated ! :)
Francesca That was quick! Thank you very much!
Motorbaby Thanks for the ad!! "KEEP ON" rockin!
Richard Scotti Thank you so much adding FLY HOME to your amazing station and for the wonderfully poetic review. It really made my day!
Bob Balsley Thank you my friend
Todd (Hop On Pop) Thank you so much for adding my song and for saying such nice things!
Neil w Young On behalf of my band members and back up/harmony singers, thank you sincerely, Bryon, for adding "Loch Lomond" and "Little Darlin'" to Music Is Truth and for your kind and wonderful review of both songs. I / we are honoured ... Neil
Steve Ison What a lovely suprise ! Thanx so much for your wonderful words n adding Velvet Dream to this illustrious station Bryon..Always an honour ! :)
steve april Thanks...
Francesca You are too good.
Phillip Foxley Hi there, I have a new Rock track up for your airplay consideration. Appreciate a minute of your time to give it a listen. Thanks. Phil
TolbertToz Thank You for adding Hallelujah! We really appreciate that
Tom O'Brien Thanks for the nice words, Bryon. Hope you enjoy!
Richard Scotti Bryon ~ I will treasure this review forever as a reminder that there are still musical geniuses like u around who truly understand and appreciate what I'm laying down. Out of 50 lines of lyrics, u chose the ones that meant the most to me. To be continued
William J Urmson Pls checkout The Pain Within. Thanx WJU~
William J Urmson Pls checkout The President of Hate. Thanx and peace~ WJU
Alpha Omega Blessing to you who share the light with the world. As ye reap so shall ye sow. The bounty is plentiful for you.
steve april Thanks...
Mal T You have to be my P R person, you really know the true me :)
Duane Thanks Bryon! Always a pleasure to be on one of your stations!
Neil w Young On behalf of the outstanding musicians and backup singers backing me on this track, thank you so much for adding us to your station. Always an honour any time I'm on one of your stations.
Bob Elliott Thanks so much for the review of “Your Two Worlds” Bryon. Not sure if you know I put up 3 others from the album: “Love is the Greatest,” “Love Come to Ya,” and “Kindness”- all part of the album “Wooden Soul.” I’ll be putting up the last two Nov 10
Seismo You might like this one...thanks!!
Mick J Clark Thank you so much for adding my song, very much apprciated
Charmian Devi Please check out my new single "No Peace"!..would love to be added here
Charmian Devi Thanks so much for adding No peace here and for your wonderful review!..I so appreciate it ..and yes Music is Truth..its all I live by!
Susie Boehm Thanks for adding Boxville! What nice way to start my day. In these strange times, it's so important to connect...glad I could through the tune. Stay well
Carrie Wade Thank you so much for adding my song and for your kind words!!!
Carrie Wade Hi! Wondering if you might consider "Drive" and/or "Love, Me" to this wonderful station? Thank you!
Neg Ten thank you! we are honored.
Charmian Devi Hello!..I would love my new song Radio of None to be added here!
Joe Wood Come to the Steeplechase
Ryan Mallany Thanks for the add and review, much appreciated!
Larree Thank you for the inclusion! Just saw this one!
Grand Jury Thank you for adding our tune to your stat and most beautiful comment!
Grand Jury Thank you so much for your kind words and for adding our song to stat !
Chandramoon Thanks so much for adding Appollo and your lovely comments. I've just been asked to join a band by a kora player in order to play flute and backing vocals so hopefully will have more of this ilk soon x
Chandramoon Thanks so much for adding Only You Know Who You Are and your kind words I'll rerecord it soon in the same way but minue all the clunks hopefully!
Mcdaid Thanks for such a wonderful review )))
mcdaid so so sorry i had to re upload living angel it's better! can you re add?
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Music is the soul of life , its the thing that moves us, and it should!!


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Music is Truth of who we really are in what we say, sing or play, truth.

Truth (or lies) is in the music we is likened to the reflections of mankind's spirit whether it is bright or dark.The music we make sends out its signal,a message,and it ripples like the water on a lake as a breeze fills the air, shimmering or even raging on the mighty seas. Music comes from our soul and washes through humanity and any who will listen. Music is the soul spirit & heart of mankind. Music is Truth.

MIT is Featuring the ultra coolness and finest tunes we have been prospecting over the past number of years here at IMP These amazing artists do their thing here such as the master of the grooving tunes, Steve Ison,who has song crafting down to an artform. Steve April calls him the man with the golden pipes. Watch out now, Natalie Brown is in the mix. she offers up some serious soul grooving sweetness of many kinds ,
Spirited story-teller singer extraordinaire Auset shows her talent and The King of jazz at IMP himself >Dick Aven shows why he reigns supreme in this genre. For the magic strains of hip hop and groovin soul and R AND B check out the ever so amazing Aimee Terrin!!

Station manager is Bryon Tosoff
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Kris Zeman
It’s Been Awhile
Been a big fan of Kris for many years and always have a place for her music on my stations. This is stellar finger style picking done so well and amazing rhythmic quality and style. Kris lays down a wonderful experiential and insightful song based upon situations she has encountered. Its been awhile is a song that will calm your hurting soul and give you a sense of things will be alright as she shares her story from deep within her kind soul. A beautiful touching song that is sure to bring you comfort and give you a feel good moment. lovely singing, great lyrics, deep waters added to station 4/25/2021 2:48:10 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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Grand Jury
Don’t Believe in Goodbyes Any More
Wow, what a great song, so heartfelt and such amazing harmonies and musically pleasing, such a retro old school 60s vibe when music had a melody and this certainly has all of that. A beautiful marvelous tasty piece of work. Dig that slide guitar or could it be steel, nonetheless it is a well seasoned player who has a great technique style and great touch. The singing is world class, instrumentation is solid, and over all it is a well produced song and captures the listener, right off. This is a Top notch well produced song that should be appearing perhaps on featured songs sometime in the near future. added to station 4/26/2021 8:28:21 PM
Crossover 5168
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Never Knew
Never Knew is a wonderful work by Mookey, a well produced and terrific listening musical experience. The Lyrics are a story of how one feels about another person, and Mookey has captured that aspect of her passion and love in such a wonderful way with her rich and amazing singing. Mookey is blessed with a beautiful tone and timbre in her singing and presentation in "Never Knew" The Vocals are right there, clear and authentic and very enticing and inviting. This lady has all the elements in her instrument, her voice ! And what a Voice,amazing singing! Solid instrumentation and colorful musical experience. Mookey has the magic on this track and all her singles, check out her music, fantastic all through. Review by Bryon Tosoff, voted 5 time station manager of the year 2015-2019 at indiemusicpeople added to station 5/5/2021 4:03:08 PM
R&B/Soul 5168
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Chandra Moon
Only You Know Who You Are - Second Rough Recording
A really pretty tune, with lovely acoustic guitar, and it has a beautiful tone amd Chandra's vocals are so well done. Deep Waters run in this wonderful song, the lyrics are so compelling and thought provoking, so much truth and insight in this work. The singing in spot on ,such warmth in Chandra's vocals, and those harmonies are stunningly awesome,. dig that flute too ,very fittingly placed. nicely done. Good guitar accompaniment. Sweetness on this one...bryon t added to station 6/29/2021 9:05:02 PM
Singer-Songwriter 5168
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Michèle Raffaele
Not Lost in You ( new 2020 version)
A Piece/Review I wrote for Michèle last year so she could use it as a submission with her newest song Not Lost In You .,she asked for a bit of a review. this is what I sent her. Taken from my email and previously posted on Voodoohead Productions. "Michèle Raffaele's "Not Lost in You" Michèle Raffaele's "Not Lost in You" is a hauntingly beautiful and compelling song. At first listen I was immediately drawn into Michèle's passionate and soaring vocals. What a treat to hear such a magnificent and glorious performance ! Soaring Vocals and such competent piano work as well. The composition is a lyrically a solid work and a song in my mind that is worthy of being heard on mainstream radio and I would venture to say I would love to see Michèle sing this song live or be featured in a Video. "Not Lost in You" is a stunningly beautiful presentation that will capture your imagination and as well certainly will be a memorable experience for anyone who is able to listen to this beautiful work, and who can resist a second and third consecutive listen to one so talented. I certainly enjoyed Michèle's amazing and sparkling piano accompaniment is which itself is breathtaking with lovely nuances, rich tonal colours and played with such feeling.. Rarely does one experience such a display of virtuosity in both piano performance and singing. Michèle Raffaele's "Not Lost in You" is worthy to be showcased and shared worldwide, and I hope she continues to compose, sing and perform many more originals. I am privileged to have had Michèle send me her most recent song for review and wish her continued success. Bryon Tosoff Voodoohead Productions Promotions and Publicist" added to station 9/8/2021 5:41:00 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 5168
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The Evil Seagulls
She came along like the wind blows on a sunny day
Stunningly Beautiful, great guitar work, sweet delicate intro then comes the magic, tastefully produced, amazing musicianship and fantastic progression, lovely touches throughout added to station 9/29/2021 10:56:02 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 5168
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Duane Flock
Coastline Pearl
Duane Flock continues his legacy as a brilliant songcrafter in the smooth jazz easy listening vibe. This song, Coastline Pearl takes you on a journey on the coast of california and displays his wonderful guitar playing and ability to capture some rich tones and textures coupled with layers of lovely synth and piano work intertwined throughout. I always enjoy working on Duane Flock's songs and hope to do more in the future. All the best Duane, certainly a song to be featured here at IMP and I think it has the potential to make it on a spotlight on Spotify as well Best wishes to one of the finest musicians I have worked with Bryon Tosoff, reviewer added to station 10/22/2021 5:04:26 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
Posted the day before the deadline for 2021 KAyak nominations classical added to station 11/16/2021 12:12:23 AM
Classical 5168
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Shoe City Sound
More Love
We do miss you Dolores Paradise. This is a cover of a Smokey Robinson song " More Love. tripping groove, well placed bass and rich tapestry of elegance and the magical vocals of Dolores flowing in her angelic way. Where are you now, in the spirit world perhaps, it is a big hole here at IndieMusicPeople without you Dolores. We miss your kindness and positive vibe on the Pipeline added to station 11/27/2021 2:44:56 PM
Chill Out 5168
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Psycho Les
Fuckem If They Listening feat. B-Real
We need leaders like this soon, a revolution is happening, we are going to take our leaders down, cause BIDEN TRUDEAU MACRON ARE ALL WIMPS AND BABY DIAPER POO GOOF BALLS added to station 11/27/2021 2:56:31 PM
Hip Hop/Rap 5168
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Never Knew
R&B/Soul 5168
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SAVE THIS MOMENT w francesca tamellini-duane flock
FRANCESCA. WHAT A SINGER, WHAT A LYRICIST SHE IS A STAR!!!!" I took on another name but it didn't change a thing I took on another voice but my lungs still breath the same way Guitar Duane Flock, Singer Lyricist Francesca Tamellini added to station 11/27/2021 3:05:45 PM
Alternative Modern Rock 5168
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Francesca Tamellini
What a song, what a singer, So Deep, Francesca is a star added to station 11/27/2021 3:08:00 PM
Singer-Songwriter 5168
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Chandra Moon
Appollo (Kora and Flute)
A Magical song that has such a mellow and soothing elements, It really lifts ones spirits and brings a sense of calm Beautiful instrumental and certainly do love your work on the flute Chandra, very sweet . added to station 3/29/2021 11:37:56 AM
World 5168
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James Elliott
Darkest Before the Dawn
Truth and very powerful musically and lyrically and incredible performance. One of the most talented musicians I know and have had the privilege of doing a few songs with in the way past. rocking it out James is powerhouse of truth and energy. added to station 4/1/2021 2:24:35 PM
Rock 5168
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James Elliott
Fantastic work by James Elliott, would be nice to have this song featured on other stations besides mine.This is all him, all instruments, everything, James and I did 4 songs a number of years ago,Yup James, well he is a talented dude. added to station 3/25/2021 4:08:17 AM
Alternative Rock 5168
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Jamie Kern
Very Epic vibe. I would say even to some degree a comparative feel to an ultra modern yet easy listening style of music that really pushes it outside of your typical ballad,unusual tones and lovely vocals. added to station 3/25/2021 4:46:25 AM
Ballad 5168
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Duane Flock
Last Train
A lovely tribute by Duane for Dolores Paradise, remembering her and also noting here she was to be a part of the project originally. There is some amazing guitar work Throughout the tune. Duane provides lovely rhythm guitar and fine percussion touches by Paul wainwright as well as some tripping synth work. Bryon Tosoff provided backing in rhodes piano texturing in specific parts of the song. This is a real masterpiece and displays the prowess of Duane Flock with his rich texturing of guitar lead and nice tones of chords which shimmer and shine wonderfully. added to station 3/18/2021 3:18:19 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Shoe City Sound
Once Upon a Time (Song of the Dead)
The beautiful magical voice of Dolores Paradise . Voice of an angel so beautiful added to station 2/21/2021 12:49:58 AM
Jazz Rock 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
It's time(kick back just relax cd release version)
Thank you Dolores Paradise, for your magical vocals on the release with Duane Flock on guitar, I still cant believe you are gone, I cant believe you left us already,I still had music in mind that I wanted to work with you again, I feel we will never have another one as unique as you I remember when I first hear your vocals, your voice has a heavenly essense, I added you cover of DownTown and you wrote me a personal note and were so grateful for the add to my stations, overjoyed, you were are a special lady and we here at IMPNATION will always remember you and your kindness and gentle spirit. Singing with the angels on high added to station 2/10/2021 8:22:34 PM
Mood Music 5168
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James Elliott
King's Mutiny
James Recorded vocals and guitar in his car. Added drums and mixed on his computer. About internal struggle of working with vultures, not the birds. Amazing, to me, a huge talent added to station 2/28/2021 5:11:00 AM
Acoustic Rock 5168
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Ryan Mallany
I Want You Baby
Really good rhythmic guitar and great energy comes flooding through on this song. Ryan is a man with youthful exuberance and catches the desire for that human touch and love in these times of craziness, This is real, and real good, These are the type of songs that are needed, laying down the truth of being human and the need for being wanted and desiring someone to share the same . bringing it and dropping a fine song. well done Ryan added to station 2/27/2021 6:04:27 PM
Indie Acoustic 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
Gone Away - tribute to dolores paradise
To Dolores Paradise, in memory of a beloved and adored artist here at IMP. Her spirit and music lives on forever. to Dolores added to station 2/6/2021 2:51:34 AM
Soft Rock 5168
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The Armless Sailor
This one has such an element of mystery and longing, a bit sadness with those strings - cello, a real mixture of being melancholy at the intro and then upbeat, has got some real good change-ups. really nice work and performance. This one just gets to me. so beatlesque vibe. Sgt pepper feel, lovely arrangement singer has such a fine voice too added to station 3/1/2021 1:52:02 PM
Pop 5168
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Shoe City Sound
The Proverbial One
lovely added to station 2/3/2021 8:54:23 PM
Ambient Pop 5168
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Shoe City Sound
The Change Dance
wonderful added to station 2/3/2021 8:53:45 PM
Dance 5168
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Shoe City Sound
It's Time © Bryon Tosoff featuring Duane Flock
Life is a mystery added to station 2/3/2021 8:57:13 PM
Miscellaneous 5168
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Shoe City Sound
Winter Solstice Mantra
amazing added to station 2/3/2021 8:54:55 PM
Ambient 5168
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Father Time
When the Bubble Bursts
Great Vocals by FT, heartfelt sincere and authentic and captures you right away with the acoustic guitar and vox Then builds and unwinds wonderfully with more instrumentation and the various musical elements and touches of guitar lead. The ending is a brilliant as it hangs and fades. I have listened to many FT songs, and have my favs and this one ranks right at the top with well crafted lyrics and terrific musical arrangement. check it out, real good!!now people get on your horses and station building and listen to IMP NATION artists. I will be watching and checking in here to see who is good and who aint pulling their weight!! Bryon T added to station 11/3/2020 8:28:07 PM
Ballad 5168
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negative tendencies
Contrary Wind
NEG TEN drops a whole different song here This is an example of someone having within them a mind that is using a Kaleidoscope of poetic wordsmithing in Contrary Wind. Colorful throughout the song and with many splashes deep thought and insight. This song shimmers with brilliance. The depth and understanding within this song is like a waterfall cascading down a mountainside that you can hear from a distance and want to find out where it is so you can marvel at the sight of it and watch it roar captivated by its power . Great poetic quality and done with such fluidity,its brilliant in fact, you have a real talent there ,and sharing those genuine authentic heartfelt words. your ability to weave words is genius, very few have this ability in this day and age. Well crafted words and nice music too Cool song. and being motivated inspired by one of the great seers of the past is a nice tribute. excellent work . added to station 6/27/2020 3:09:15 PM
Folk Rock 5168
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Susie Boehm
Beautiful, a gorgeous piece of work from Susie Boehm, such a natural, incredible songcrafting. lovely guitar and tremendous vocals. such a talent ,what a compelling song, and draws you in and done with such beauty and grace,you can feel the emotion and the genuine aspect of her heartfelt vocals. Believe it, Susie is one of the best singers around, hard to believe this song has not been picked up but my moi in the last 10 years! wow, people are missing out on this one, eYe love it. gets me every time I listen to this magnificent song. added to station 5/22/2020 3:37:14 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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Carrie Wade
Carrie has such a unique inviting and wonderful quality to her vocals, her timbre and tonal element to her voice is incredible and this track just helps one appreciate her talent even more so. Amazing delivery, brings you right next to her as she shares her feelings, thoughts hopes and dreams. Up close and personal in a club atmosphere essence. Such a wonderful mysterious and well textured piece with lovely instrumentation. Rich guitar work, and the steel is so sweet. Well produced and certainly will make us all come back for more of Carrie's vibe on this song many times over. added to station 6/23/2020 6:59:22 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Francesca Tamellini
The imagination and wonderful work of Francesca. added to station 10/15/2020 1:56:17 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Francesca Tamellini
Seriously one of the finest tracks that Francesca has ever dropped here at impnation, she is a star here and waiting to be discovered somewhere in the world, This women has the most exquisite voice I know of, and I have listened to hundreds, perhaps thousands of tracks here and others outside if IMP, Francesca is deserving of somebody helping her get her magical songs to the world! added to station 6/23/2020 6:40:03 PM
Acoustic Singer/Songwriter 5168
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Watch the video, listen to the song, the lyrics, Squrly Murly really sings her heart out and does with such grit and energy, great vocals Bvs and instrumentation cool guitar work. Dig it added to station 6/13/2020 10:53:21 PM
Garage Rock 5168
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Duane Flock
Smooth Landing
Duane Flock, the renaissance man,covers the waterfront of any style or genre! the guitarist's guitarist. A guitarist who can rip or shred like nobody can or play with a light delicate feel and emotion ,He can capture moods and elements few can.On Smooth land ,well this has a Killer vibe and is an amazing composition. Well done Duane that is a terrific song Duane, you really nailed it with the quality production guitar elements, excellent work, fine rhythm guitar,great chops and hooks, certainly IMO the best composition you ever done. super clean feel, bring up that percussion a bit though, that would help .over all top drawer. excellent and Paul's sax part is outstanding. added to station 5/19/2020 3:11:20 PM
Jazz 5168
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Susie Boehm
Totally impressed with this song, a glorious track with powerful lyrics and a singer who brings it all to the table. Susie kinda reminds me of Joni Mitchell with her songcrafting style. Susie has an real emotional connection to her songs and brings a sense of reality to it all while she presents her story.Illusion is Another masterpiece, so well produced, and of course the magic is in the mind of the creator who penned this and brought it all to life. Superb singing, Bvs, lovely harmonies,and elements of mystery laced with exquisite vocals and musicianship by Susie and all involved make this one a press play every day type of tune added to station 5/25/2020 10:35:22 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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Kris Zeman
So loving the guitar at intro Kris brings us another wonderful song .wonderful this added to station 6/11/2020 8:17:09 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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Carrie Wade
In a World That Goes Wrong
A song for the ages, this is a riveting listen with great instrumentation,love that steel singing sweetly throughout, tasteful guitar work, compelling lyrics and the haunting lovely vocals of Carrie Wade added to station 5/23/2020 4:19:29 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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Ross Harding
lovely work by Ross Harding, different vibe with a light airy quality and melodic textures and a gritty edgy guitar part and lovely accompaniment and well presented musical journey as you travel with the lyrics and sail on down the river of of life on this beauty. Sweet elements and wonderful listen added to station 5/21/2020 2:52:25 AM
Alternative Modern Rock 5168
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Chloe Boehm
Whispered Promises
What a beautiful song and a wonderful singing from Chloe Boehm laying done such a glorious uplifting elegant song that just infiltrates your inner being. She is a songbird.This is one that will make you feel good and know there is something special in this young lady, well done Chloe you have something special happening in your life. Bringing Cheer and good to the world, welcome to the eYe and Music is Truth,a Bryon Tosoff stations. added to station 5/22/2020 1:01:07 PM
Acoustic Folk 5168
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Car Crash
see my review at the eYe station this is a song of Epic proportions and has some groovin sweetness from Miche and Fyrefly. uh huh. added to station 5/19/2020 4:43:53 AM
Alternative Modern Rock 5168
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jen bye
Desert Man
I had this song somewhere else and wrote a nice review and it evaporated, but this is no mirage, no this woman can lay it down so well, yup Jen Bye sings with a knockout killer sensual sexiness, how can you resist this song when she is whispering in your ear in such a sultry manner,uh huh. that lucky Desert Man (stellar instrumentation ,crafty production, groovin all over, tasty everything) added to station 5/19/2020 4:43:53 AM
Adult Alternative 5168
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Conversation Suicide
The Sun Is Risin'
insanity has consumed the once level headed dude who used to run this cool station,now it has all gone to hell....but folks its is Adams amd Phlegms fault and all that metal and shards of broken beer bottles being throw around.....indeed a killer tune deserving to land on this planet at MIT added to station 5/19/2020 4:43:53 AM
Hard Alternative 5168
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Francesca Tamellini
Sinner Man
Classic and great cover, from the lovely Francesca with the golden voice added to station 5/19/2020 3:04:33 PM
acoustic 5168
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Betty Moon
Life Is But A Dream
songbird added to station 5/17/2020 7:40:20 PM
Pop 5168
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James Elliott
Shaped by external forces,Searching is a great musical journey, well crafted lyrics, nicely fashioned colorful vibe, well done on the vocals added to station 5/20/2020 9:58:32 PM
Alternative Rock 5168
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Mick J Clark
We Know It's True
A lovely song full of hope and the best for mankind and this planet earth, for now and into the future. added to station 5/5/2020 1:47:45 PM
Rock 5168
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Northern Strangers
You Are My Face (Wilco Cover)
So wonderful cover of Wilco You are my face. Solid Arrangement and sweet production outstanding vocals, this is a incredible piece of happening vibe ,nice treatments throughout, tasty guitar lead with an edgy quality yet grabs ya. Kinda sitting at a live performance right there experience. Amazing it has not been ever picked up .well welcome to music is truth added to station 5/3/2020 3:52:05 AM
Folk Rock 5168
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James Elliott
King's Mutiny
Marvelous guitar work, beautiful song added to station 5/1/2020 5:44:44 PM
Acoustic Rock 5168
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Rip Tide
This is a pretty amazing work, sweet tasty textures a tapestry layered with multi-colored instrumental so well woven together and flows. Soaring Vocals, amazing guitar work, full bodied and rich with terrific well thought out hooks. This is, killa man just killa added to station 5/5/2020 9:32:03 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 5168
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Charmian Devi
No Peace
Per your request Charmian, I do love your singing and the song is so compelling. eYe am the I guy, I am the eYe guy so say eYe I . looking for more of your wonderful works. groovy vibe and sweet vibe added to station 5/17/2020 6:34:15 PM
Alternative 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
my love calls w duane flock paul wainwright
Written and dedicated to my wife Charlotte Dawn Yamaha Electric Grand Piano, Hammond Organ String Synth Bryon Tosoff Sax by Paul Wainwright Duane Flock Rhythm guitar and lead Percussion Ted Tosoff Produced and Mixed by Ted Tosoff added to station 5/10/2020 9:42:27 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Richard Scotti
Muse on dancing all night long added to station 5/7/2020 11:15:15 PM
R&B/Soul 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
Looking for a little help
This homeless situation is pandemic, this hunger situation and poverty in our country and the USA is unacceptable and this attitude of it is someone else's problem is unconscionable. Hunger, homelessness, child poverty, veterans who have fought for you and I should not be suffering on the streets of our nations. Worldwide starvation is another issue, yet we ignore our own people.something is not right here. First tackle our own issues then help others help themselves. It is painful seeing people in a destitute situation. We need to fix this! added to station 12/12/2019 3:42:10 PM
Acoustic Blues 5168
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Bob Elliott
Under the Sun
Totally captures truth in this lovely stripped down song with the less is more approach. appreciate the skill coming through here where the instrumentation is total acoustic groove and hip vibe with a touch of cool flute. Again really tasty piece of work. Powerful and so skillfully put together. Awesome touches of various instruments. stellar songcrafting. Tripping vibe great singing. wow factor on this tunage added to station 11/11/2019 3:07:22 AM
Acoustic Soul 5168
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Danny Ray Barnes
Explain It To Me
So full of soul and truth. This song really moved me and totally drew me in .Danny Ray has such great chops vocally and lays it down musically with skill and finesse .great song stellar production added to station 11/11/2019 2:58:33 AM
Pop 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
my soul-w duane flock
my soul is my second skin that surrounds me, I am alone in my darkened shell all alone, I hear I hear, I hear a distant cry added to station 3/13/2020 7:42:52 PM
Alternative 5168
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Shoe City Sound
Beautiful River
This unwinds so wonderfully, a lovely chill flow and rich tapestry of textures sounds and splashes of colours everywhere. Floating down the river , a beautiful river of Music added to station 4/30/2020 9:03:58 PM
Electronic 5168
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Tina Marzola
Lovers Leap
added to station 4/30/2020 6:34:39 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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January Last
added to station 4/30/2020 5:38:12 PM
Poetic Acoustica 5168
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Bob Elliott
Your Two Worlds
Bob brings some kinda hip happening with a world beat meets motown r and b vibe with Your Two Worlds.Top Drawer production, instrumentation and musicianship. Excellent vocals, I think the best Bob has done with his singing ever, he always does superb work, love how right there the vox is. Rich tapestry of sounds, cool textures and sweet soundscaping dig the happening rhythm vibe going on. Tasty rich full of surprises and tripping instrumentation.Only one thing is that I found the intro for a bit where it sounded somewhat distracting with the mix of guitar and that seemed unbalanced coming at you from one side, just the first small part of the song. Not sure what to say other then maybe work that part ,to me anyways. my only critical evaluation or critique I ever have done on any of Bob's works .Bob hits this one right on. cool interplay with the variety of instruments, well crafted, well thought out parts and kicking it out totally fine,digging the percussion, vocals and sweeping synthy groove.Big ups to Bob and his group bringing it. Sweetness added to station 11/8/2019 3:49:34 AM
Acoustic 5168
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Francesca Tamellini
A new song, a new direction and style for Francesca so good, congrats on your new "wolf" song. added to station 6/1/2019 3:42:45 PM
Acoustic Singer/Songwriter 5168
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Duane Flock
The Climax
Rich tapestry of sounds cascading throughout this mix, lovely work by Duane on his release and tasty piano touches by Dolores Paradise and well produced by Shoe City Sound and Duane flock. Excellent well placed percussion. Great work and a welcome to Music is Truth added to station 3/22/2019 6:42:34 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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DREAMING (instrumental version)
Dreaming is a work depicting the hope for a better world, looking to the future where peace harmony and happiness are prevalent and equal rights and respect to all mankind is predominant. It has a meditative mood and a feeling of calmness and serenity. It is meant to capture a peaceful laid back mood and is textured with lovely guitar, haunting sax and richness of a rhodes piano and sprinkled with strings and synthesizer throughout. Dreaming reflects my inner most hope of a world of love added to station 6/3/2019 3:38:37 PM
mystical rock 5168
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April and Tosoff
Villains In America
Steve April is a master at songcrafting,his lyrics are so topical,dealing with situations and circumstances of the present, current and historical elements that have changed the course of nations and people lives Villains in America is a compelling right now situation of what is occurring in the US, Canada and worldwide. There are indeed Villains about and they control manipulate destroy and crush peoples dreams through their reckless actions and decision, this is a song you MUST listen to and hear his cry and shout to the injustices to all the common people who need some relief from the criminal elements that are embedded with in the political and social hierarchy that is killing our nations. Steve has an uncanny ability to weave and tie his lyrics so seamlessly like a builder, he is an architect of sorts, designing ,drawing, building and putting all those special touches to make a beautiful tapestry full of meaning and shares such insight. A master wordsmith indeed, and it has been a pleasure to work with Steve for many many years assisting him in his marvelous creations. Way underappreciated here at IMP and under rated. this guy has offered so much to IMP for so long, and I thank him for his dedication and support to our home here at IMP added to station 12/4/2018 6:39:17 PM
Industrial/Beat Rock 5168
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Francesca Tamellini
I can't sing
the alluring vocals of Francesca Tamellini. stunning inviting and inspiring added to station 10/24/2019 6:30:01 PM
Acoustic 5168
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Steve Ison
There You Are
Brilliant songcrafting, a touch of retroliciousness from years gone by but with a modern twist, sun shiny song that will bring joy and a smile to your face and an uplifting happy go lucky bounce to your step. is there anyone as committed to pouring his whole being into such masterpieces as this, only a handful here at Imp have this capability in such magic. a handful who can produce marvelous enjoyable works of ART!!!! eYe admire this dude. what a craftsman added to station 11/28/2018 9:21:27 PM
Britpop 5168
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Neil w Young
music is truth in this happening tune from Neil w. bringing his twist of Pop Rock sprinkled with some country and fun upbeat groove added to station 4/19/2019 4:20:31 AM
Americana 5168
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I have a Dream
portions of MLK's iconic speech with background music added to station 9/27/2019 4:02:20 PM
Spoken Word 5168
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Summer and the Sinners
Short Sweet happening groove, laying down the truth added to station 11/16/2018 7:59:33 PM
Blues 5168
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Cassandra Kelly
Don't Give Up
Brilliant piece of songcrafting and elegant vocals. Don't Give Up is a beautiful ballad sung with such grace and feeling. Magnificent singing and rich texturing of instrumentation, well placed string section. a powerful and dynamic heartfelt soulful groove. added to station 9/3/2019 9:42:17 PM
R&B/Soul 5168
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Typhoon Bob and Big Dog MaHound
Shootout At Cripple Creek
Bob Dylan and the Band aint got nothing on these guys, too cool added to station 11/23/2018 5:33:04 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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Alpha Omega
Out for Blood
This is a song that really resonates with me, as I personally have struggled with similar challenges and allowed circumstances that changed my life for the worse and digging oneself out of a dark place is one of the more awful things to overcome. This is a terrific song and displays an individual who really knows how to produce,write and capture the moment. Great Song,a well traveled soul with such sage insight and wisdom. I think one of my favs for sure alltime. totally into the song. Listen up, cause this guy is going far this year at IMP and elsewhere added to station 12/4/2018 6:20:28 PM
Roots Rock 5168
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swamp creature
still not a bloody thing. mueller is a funkin fake loser swamper ,jail him and his cronies added to station 11/23/2018 6:05:57 PM
Alternative Experimental 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
It's time(kick back just relax cd release version)
from 2nd album with collaborators Duane Flock doing some stellar guitar, the glorious angelic vox of Dolores Paradise, my brother Ted doing percussion the mix and more and me doing a sprinkle of keys here and there. added to station 4/12/2019 4:50:33 AM
Mood Music 5168
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basic desire
Come Back
Magnificent production with a voice of an angel I must say. This vocalist is reaching for the stars with her amazing magical elegant singing. stunning and beautiful song with well appointed instrumentation. This lady has such incredible range. very captivating and wonderful experience ,truly a blessing to listen to such a gifted and amazing singer. added to station 3/22/2019 7:06:10 PM
Ambient Chill 5168
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sugarplum fairies
Payday Flowers
Stunningly beautiful and captivating. Truly a right there experience, you are up close and personal with Sugarplum Fairies. Rich Textures and rainbow of colors cascading down, really inviting and wonderful listen.Exhilarating and Inspiring. added to station 11/9/2018 7:21:40 PM
Alternative 5168
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Duane Flock
The Climax
Wonderful rich tapestry of pleasing sounds. Sweet Progressions and tasty guitar and elegant keys. lovely piano work and has such a mellow inviting quality ,Such a treat well Done added to station 3/3/2019 3:58:04 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Garden of Eden
Tasty acoustic groove from would eat this up added to station 12/21/2018 10:12:04 PM
Folk Acoustic Rock 5168
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Monicka Ferens
This is pushing the envelop with the sounds and colorful imaging going on, tripping usage of variety of instruments and unique vocal approach, way off the wall, too cool far out!! added to station 11/9/2018 6:59:24 PM
Contemporary 5168
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Steve April
The Innocence Project
Compelling song with purpose and direction,well thought out lyrics and tasteful instrumentation,fine vocals folk induced vibe and an enjoyable listen, the whistling is a nice touch M I T appreciates your song added to station 12/27/2018 9:22:00 PM
Alternative Folk Rock 5168
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Chris Weekes
Walk towards the Sun
Notorious white supremacist ringleader of 1998 Texas 'dragging death' of black man James Bird finally faces execution as judge signs an order for his April 2019 lethal injection On Martin Luther King Boulevard death perched on the shoulder of a Byrd, Like the raven on the bust of Pallas, never uttering a single word. Old Jimmy must have known something was coming down, Old Jimmy must have felt it like a pain, When he left his friends saying, "I'm OK from here on in," That he wouldn't walk the boulevard again. more at Chris Weekes page former percussionist of BLUEVOODOO added to station 12/27/2018 7:33:06 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Back From Ashes
The Suffering Within
Just grabs you with the powerful dynamic everything. Its got everything, slow in places and intense pleading screamo .insanely brilliant added to station 12/27/2018 11:32:28 PM
Hard Rock 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
Haunted Forest
This is another in a series for a video presentation of a fantasy novel. About a wandering hunter and his family leaving their home for a different land across the waters. They encounter incredible hardships and are homeless for some time as they journey to a new land. This is a stunning and wonderful orchestral composition that has rich tones textures sprinkled with screeches and creepy sounds. partake in the Hunters journey. Much more to come as the story unfolds added to station 2/14/2019 11:07:47 PM
Classical/Symphonic 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
Starchild is an ambient classical experimental improvisational piece that possesses interesting extraterrestrial sounds. It has nice pedal work and some delay to offer the spacey quality coupled with spacious elements of quiet and elegance.The composer captures some amazing qualities with the acoustic piano and presents a dreamy magical cascade of colors that swirl about as though you too are drifting with the ethereal sounds, perhaps that of a starry nebula or galaxy, or perhaps a planet afar off millions of light years away. The piece captures a magical essence for the people who have come from the stars far beyond earth who influence us to this day,perhaps I may be one myself an alien who walks this earth, and has for millions of earth years, perhaps you may be one as well added to station 2/13/2019 8:11:25 PM
Acoustic Ambient Experimental 5168
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Wow amazing beautiful voice, hard to imagine this song has not been discovered until now. catchy and inviting powerful added to station 10/29/2018 5:53:43 PM
Power Pop 5168
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Pick Up Yourself
A nice rhythmic and enjoyable track, Azwel brings another outstanding work for us to drink in. song weaver extraordinaire with a message for all of us. Pickup yourself Up and get use to whatever comes your way face life head on. Tastefully appointed guitar lead and rich arrangement of instruments wonderful vocals. A master at songcrafting indeed. added to station 11/9/2018 4:45:21 PM
Brit Pop 5168
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Brutus Begins
The Nothing Here
brilliant production,stellar vox cool progression.M.I.T. added to station 12/26/2018 10:51:25 PM
Indie 5168
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Richard Scotti
Richard brings some true country / americana vibe to us though a dark song there is hope a lingering inside of it. With Jon Statham singing this one strikes home instantly and brings a special storyline and message we all need, a reason to live, a reason to love and be loved. A plea and hope for us to do the best we can, forgive forget, move on and keep on happening despite the struggles. I forgive all of you The clincher here for me is these few lines, which are compelling and true "But most of all I forgive me too I guess I'll just break even There's a legacy I'm leavin'" That is what it is all about. Even though we fall short many times we have to forgive others and ourselves for our follies mistakes and offenses. Accept Adapt Adjust Do the best you can. Kudo's to Richard and his rootsy song sprinkled with hope inside the darkness he shares with us. we all just have to work out our own way to find a sense of being here and figuring out what it is all about in our days that we have, the runway gets shorter everyday so make the best of everyday and embrace the challenges and make everyday worth living. Cheers and much success to Richard added to station 9/13/2018 8:59:01 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 5168
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Tom O'Brien
In Heaven
Nice one , good singing Tom , sounds very latter day beatles feel on vocals in spots, reminded me of John lennon with a soul groovin vibe.well textured bgs harmonies. excellent stuff fine touches of instrumentation strategically placed here and there, very listenable, dig the tasty bass just there , cool little shots of guitar too with a edgy farfisa organ patch. well done dudes added to station 5/4/2018 2:13:11 AM
indie soul 5168
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I have numerous covers of this on my spotify player, great song and a magnificent rendition of a song written by a great canadian ,so we do have some of the greatest songsters in the world eh added to station 12/11/2017 4:29:16 PM
Holiday Pop 5168
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Steve Iannetti
Danger to Myself
Iannetti is One of the finest songcrafters at IMP and a longtime member,On danger to Myself, tasty piece work by this outstanding musician.This song has everything a listener loves, intriguing lyrics,Steve is a story teller supreme,Such a well arranged song, tasty touches of rhythm guitar nicely placed ,big soundscape with interesting textures, such fine singing too , and cool guitar leads, just right, and great harmonies added to station 7/19/2018 10:21:39 PM
Melodic Rock 5168
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James Elliott
Forgotten Man
Well crafted lyrics, excellent production, great vocals with tasty acoustic guitar here and there. Well woven song, intricate and full of tasty treatments. added to station 12/6/2017 6:37:04 PM
Alternative Rock 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
road to discovery w duane flock-paul wainwright
Getting nice feedback on this new one from fans and other musicians, fine job by Paul Wainwright and Duane Flock the Artwork by Gary Dunham of Mercury Graphics. loaded up here first, then down the road to other places ,cheers added to station 9/5/2018 8:19:48 PM
Easy Listening Instrumental 5168
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One of the best happening songs at IMP today, compelling lyrics, incredible musicianship, wonderful vocals , great production, tasty amazing treatments throughout the tunage. SKIN ON SKIN is a rocking killer piece of work mcdaid got this one happening added to station 12/3/2017 7:48:17 PM
Alternative Acoustic Rock 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
u r my soulmate u r my friend
added to station 6/15/2018 3:43:14 AM
Instrumental 5168
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SAVE THIS MOMENT w francesca tamellini-duane flock
coolest song at IMP , oh yeah, it is. Francesca is a goddess of song added to station 6/19/2018 5:31:39 PM
Alternative Modern Rock 5168
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Jesse Adams
Down the Line
Jesse Adams, well Here is a guy who can write good tunes, sing really well and play a fine guitar. stellar lead guitar by Grega Habic , in the chorus there are some pretty unique chord change ups that add a mysterious unusual flair , me loves getting some groovin fix ,rockin tune bro added to station 12/3/2017 8:17:59 PM
Alternative Rock 5168
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April and Tosoff
In America (echo ver)
Steve April did some nice work on this with compelling lyrics and heartfelt singing. got some haunting treatments with those synths and rhodes piano in places added to station 12/11/2017 1:58:08 AM
Alternative Modern Rock 5168
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Francesca Tamellini
Silent Dance
I Have no words .just this .beautiful. added to station 12/23/2017 3:25:03 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5168
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James Elliott
One Last Resolve
Powerful, profound and insightful. production is killer,it has so many cool elements musically that are trend setting, cool change ups rhythmically, acoustic touches and treatments and big monster ripping hard core rock. tripping added to station 12/10/2017 10:17:06 PM
Rock 5168
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Listen To The River
Vocals are sweet mysterious with touches of mystical magic going on. Renee rocks it out in this one with such tripping out singing and wonderful production. Check it out and enjoy this beauty of a tune, Music is Truth feels this is a real contender for a Golden Kayak . my hope it gets nominated at least, it is top dreawer added to station 12/10/2017 10:42:39 PM
Electro Pop 5168
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John Pippus
Crush The Fear
Haunting, compelling and deep.Incredible songcrafting by Pippus and total kicking lyrics, check out out this one, really seriously instrumentation and chord transitions. powerful piece of work added to station 11/16/2017 9:29:12 PM
Alternative 5168
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Bryon Tosoff
my love calls w duane flock paul wainwright
added to station 6/15/2018 3:44:29 AM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5168
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Steve April
The Violin Song
Heartfelt vocals with tasteful treatments .based upon actual event by young violinist when a string broke and she used another violin to finish performance with a standing ovation added to station 12/4/2017 4:31:46 AM
Eclectic Folk Rock 5168
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Hop On Pop
If You Knew
Sure like Todd's singing on this one, he captures the traditional true country vibe here for sure. well done Todd, worth the wait, you come up with some great lyrics and well arranged tunes fine guitar work and tasty instrumentation. happy to see you coming here with new tunage added to station 11/13/2017 11:42:17 PM
Country 5168
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James Elliott
Here is another masterful songcrafter and producer. James is multi-instrumentalist, plays all instruments so well and a killer percussionist, great singer.this guy is the whole package total amazing added to station 11/27/2017 7:00:24 PM
Alternative Rock 5168
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Morgann McClanahan
I Like It
First time I heard this song it knocked me out, what a voice and what a song, this is a beautiful song and a wonderful listen. it will take you place you never been. total awesome, terrific production and songcrafting. there is a lot in this song, its a experience. added to station 11/27/2017 7:16:01 PM
Contemporary Christian 5168
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Steve Ison
Velvet Dream
Talk about production, here is the way to do it folks.with years of working his craft Steve Ison has developed a special skill in the recording end of it,as a producer, an engineer, and a skilful songwriter. Well Velvet Dream is an amazing listen, a journey of sorts as Ison takes you to that Velvet Dream. yes sir, this song has killer vocals, super song crafting, amazing musicianship, everything here is stunningly amazing. added to station 11/27/2017 5:52:42 PM
Space Pop 5168
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The Mystic
One of my all time favorites over the years, Auset has a voice that is pure and so wonderful, this song takes you places you never been. The Mystic is a magical and mysterious marvelous journey of sorts, terrific composition, so well woven together, its a brilliant song with great production, wonderful singing glorious song crafting . stellar instrumentation with amazing treatments. added to station 11/1/2017 4:35:36 AM
Alternative 5168
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Out Prospecting for newer and older tunes here at IMPNATION today and hit play on HIGH and whaddayaknow.It has an Eagles feeling with huge soundscape powerful vocals and rich tapestry of harmonies, tasty guitar ,the thing that caught my ear though was the intro, with that outstanding piano, being a piano player I thought, this is good. then it continued to build into a powerful exciting song ,very engaging and it is differently added to station 11/1/2017 3:54:40 AM
Southern Rock 5168
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Bob Elliott
This song is an amazing piece of songcrafting, really it is, it is a most tasty morsel among the many songs here, and it stands out more then many tunes here, and not to dismiss the other fine works that appear here at IMP, but it just is killer sweet and has some special magic to it, the reason it is better is due to the masterful production, skillful songwriting and lyrical content. It is a well polished work that sparkles and shines brightly, it is a testament to Bob Elliott's drive and desire to always deliver a song that defines him as a seasoned musician and skillful songcrafter. The musicianship on this song "Owl" is wonderful, each person displays such a high degree of professionalism This is a tightly woven tune with nice placements of smartly developed instrumentation. There has been some good amount of time energy and thoughtfulness building this project and frankly it is one that needs to be out there on the charts in radioland, posted at cdbaby spotify where others can hear the brilliance of Bob Elliott's OWL and this to me is a potential hit song. Truly one of the best songs I have heard in some time, and there are many I am privilege to listen to. We should all aspire to be like Bob and spend the time to develop something memorable. and this song, to me, does that. added to station 6/9/2017 4:35:56 PM
Acoustic Soul 5168
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The Angel/Devil
Let's Head Out Tonight
One of my all time favs, loving the big guitar work, hopeful vocals, driving energy. powerful dynamic and engaging sweet guitar singing away at times in a orchestral percussion music is something that moves my soul, like it does you. This reminds me of a a local group, TROOPER who did similar types of music, the yshould have been famous , greatest live band I ever saw, their performances live was like on their albums, vinyl. way back in the day ,Lets Head Out Tonight....its friday BT added to station 2/3/2017 5:37:57 PM
Pop 5168
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James Elliott
Back To The Stars
Masterful work James. loving the way you have built this song and put it tastefully together. wonderful professional and incredible display of musicianship. Your songcrafting has involved over the last 5 years so much so. very creative and inspiring. lovely acoustic guitar work and fine vocals. welcome back my friend All too cool, wonderful and extraordinary soundcrafters. added to station 7/22/2015 9:25:12 AM
Alternative Acoustic Rock 5168
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Susan Raven
Glittering Cities
I seem to be the only one who has ever added this tune to any stations in the past, and now at IMP. if you want something unique, unusual and intriging take a chance on Edge of the world. really cool progressions and neat guitar riff thing going on, kinda haunting vocals, nice bass , good mix really tasty vocals and solid production. real good listen. love this guys writing and performances added to station 12/29/2014 11:37:46 PM
Cosmic World Fusion 5168
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Allison Crowe
Soul Cake
unusual work with Allison delivering a beautiful sweet piece a Capella is not easy to do, but she nails, lovely Xmas piece added to station 11/12/2014 5:50:59 PM
Acoustic Folk 5168
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Jeff Allen Myers
Truth in Dying (The Sky Crashed down)
Jeff gives us something to think about here. great vocals from the heart, and wonderful fingerstyle pickin too. nice work , love the acoustic quality. need more of that style and Jeff keeps it real too. added to station 1/24/2008 5:45:12 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 5168
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