reverse Reject all attempts by us to get our stuff on this station! We are shallow and insincere, also obese and impotent.
NO bullshit -Eh? Check out DUI GUY or I Wallow In My OWN shit EVEN: Outta my way might fuckin' work for you. Please. Give Us
a no Bullshit listen... Thanks for any moments you give to our diverse stuff. -pHLeGm
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imperfection hours 24/7/365


imperfection hours
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the bands that u need to hear, all the crap filtered out. I have high standerds for new punk, alt, emo, scremo, grunge, and anything thats fall inbetween as long as its good and the band keeps it real. no bulls*it here.
welcome to imperfection hours
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Daughters of Fission
Smell Your Army
good song. good bass. added to station 4/24/2007 3:08:55 AM
Rock 3846
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