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Sunday, April 24, 2016 2:01:34 AM
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Friday, November 09, 2018 10:14:16 AM
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Omage relative unto the ancient Ritual Human Sacrifice

Xanthan Gum = Guitar and Voice
Mortamor = Guitar(yeah... and I "really" TEAR IT UP(poor song)... so, so sorry... NOT!!!(or did I mean “knot”?...hmmm......I know kNOT!!!)
- M -

Some Humanity is "Destined" for use as "Grease" in the "Engine" of "Civilization". -M-
Who is able
To stand before God?
Was Caine able?
But Abel was!
He was “Able”
To "Pay the Price"

God raised Caine
To kill Abel
Sugar Caine
With a Sweet Tooth
Strikes out
Against “Abel”-ity.

The Government
Merely FORCES us
To practice “GIVING”
Our “Big Brother”
Is in "NEED"
And as Jacob
Unto Esau We Give
Many “GIFTS”
Before we can
"Safely" Appear
Unto our
"Brother" dear.

Brother Esau
Wears the crown
Upon his head

Adam Kadmon
For Caine he bled
Adam, Caine, and Abel
And so goes the "Fable"

Who is Abel
To stand before God?

Was Caine Abel?
But Abel was!

“He” was “Able”
To "Pay The Price"!

-M- x
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