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Sunday, April 10, 2016 6:48:22 AM
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Thursday, August 03, 2017 12:32:41 PM
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Over The Moon Two
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Spontaneous track

Instruments and vox- Chris, Drums - Stu.

The company man
The company man was easily impressed by figures and statistics
The company man

Express yourself
Not what you saw on television last night
Before educating others we have to learn ourselves
Exploration of our latent abilities
Spiritual depths from the times before machines
Currency was easy
No economic crisis sitting waiting to explode
The company man
Was left wing in ideals but he was right wing in his policies
Controlling the political influence of youth
Through clever marketing of pop culture

Everyone is the same nowadays
None of us looks to the sun
Preferring instead to scrape the seeds
From the earth
In pursuit of wealth
To bleed out the guts of the one

Do you often tell yourself you're not insane
Sane is your only perception of sanity
Believe all of the tales of the television
You will get schizophrenia at the very least

In the city I lived jazz was banned
The legacy of contemporary society
Everyone read exactly the same book
No one was allowed to think
The artists were satans
Persecuted into using the same ink
Stimulants were illegal
Except caffeine tobacco and drink

This is the way of the modern world
This is the way to drink
Turn up all the power
And into the oceans we sink
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Over The Moon Two
Loving this crazy track - it's the sort of thing I like to jump around to loud as hell. Banging track. Nice to hear you again!

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