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Thursday, June 18, 2015 1:14:38 AM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Over The Moon
music is truth II
eYe 2
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Mystery Too
The Best of Time's
DC Mix
One Sound Radio
The Quieter Side of Father Time
What is FT's Signature Song?
Americana Desperado
The Explorers
A Virtual Star


I'm a virtual star
I'm a virtual star
Hey, everybody knows my name
But I’m not gettin too far

I'm a barrel of time
goin' over the falls
I'm the great big tidal wave
when the ice cap thaws

and lately It don’t matter too much
what’s the truth and what’s a lie
Time’s standin’ still,
so you make up your own mind

I'm so stuck in my head
that I'm out of my head
My mind is so alive
that I'm practically dead

I don’t know what I want
I don’t know what I need
And since I don’t seem to know shit
How’s a guy to succeed ?

One day you looked up to find
Time was knocking on your door
Was it too late to still want something more ?

I'm a virtual man
but I'm not virtually hard
Am I just that throbbing fool
in your virtual backyard ?

I'm so caught up in you
Am I that caught up in you
That I just care what time it is ?
Hey, but that’s what you do
That’s what you do

I know I’m way too obvious
But there’s some things you can’t hide
Time opened up and you took me for a ride

I know what I need
I have no clue what I want
but there ain’t no alarm clock set
That I’ll tell you upfront

I'm the virtual king
of this virtual thing
and I can’t even tell what’s real
and I’m not even looking

I'm a virtual star
Just me and my guitar
Time to go cruising down the road
in the virtual car
virtual car

I’m a virtual . . x
Song Comments

indie likenesses
the Neil Young of indie

The Best of Time's
He's a virtual man, but he's not virtually hard.

the vocal's in key, the lyrics bold, nice lead, production's tasteful, tech-hip about indieland, recalls mayhaps sensibility-wise "on the beach" vibe from neil young in the late 70s...

One Sound Radio
This is one the most emotionally real online songs I've come across. Father Time is Determined in this song. He targets online music Artists hearts and feelings. The song is a song that speaks for all Virtual Stars. Well maybe not all but most. Good feelings.

Mystery Too
I have this up at MUSIC IS TRUTH, I like it a lot, really is the Father Time vibe. totally the example of a true indie free spirit, so Neil Young. great vocals, cool lyrics and a truth revealed of his feelings. we all have this hope. nice one man. you did yourself proud

What is FT's Signature Song?
This is probably the favorite for the title.

The Quieter Side of Father Time
my signature song, they say..

eYe 2
The hardest working dude in all of the indie universe and makes IMP what it is today, raised it up like Jesus did Lazarus from the dead, resurrected and here it is now thriving, this place was dead in the water, and FT breathed life into a once crippled place with no direction, all rise and give a hand to the man at the helm here, he is a virtual star, indeed. eYe bow to you and everything you do man. huge props I love this song, have it on a number of stations. it is FT to the bone. this is him in his element. the eYe has spoken.

an urgent vocal, a social commentator, 'a barrel of fun,' keeps on pilin' the contradictions and ironies, and questions, neat backing vocals, and lead, questions, whose source is quest, so illuminating dig it... (neil young smiles)

music is truth II
Cool tune, I like this one a lot,way Neil Young vocal style. Dig the openness of the song where the lyrics have somewhere to go and permeate ones mind. Tasty guitar parts, just right and just enough. This has some really fine progressions going on. I really like the lyrics and how well everything is put together. great story, easy listen, and well put together. It builds and builds and gets more edgy and gritty as the song progresses with that guitar sounding angry, fade out, tripping, i totally dig this song, let me add, the song is so well put together, lyrics , those lyrics and when it is all weaved together is brilliant, the wordsmithing and crafting of the lyrical content totally draws you in. and that repeating virtual thing is way cool . nice harmonies here and there too

The Explorers
explorin' new territory...

Over The Moon
Liking this track a lot - can relate to it well as we probably all can!

A Virtual Star
a gem of a song imhv, perhaps my fav Father Time song, kudos...

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