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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:14:04 AM
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Monday, August 15, 2016 2:35:48 PM
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Currently #14 on the R&B/Soul Chart

A different production of a song that is on the "Howl At The Moon" album. Recorded December, 2012.
Words and Music: John Pippus and Nadia Von Hahn

Guitar and vocal: John Pippus
Bass, keyboard, lead guitar: Mike Dewey
BG vocals: Gina Hetland
Drums: Nick Seiwert

Produced by Mike Dewey (

Leave your story at the door
Put your intentions where I can see them
Your eyes are filled with pain
But I've only got cold pity

A little drama queen
Just looking for attention
Love is not a game
You should be playing

Out of all this wreckage and deception
Surely we can rise above

Open, I’ve left myself open
Now that I’m broken
I can’t let you go

You’re scared and it shows
Just look at your reflection
Crocodile tears
Can’t hide what’s going on

Out of all this wreckage and illusion
Surely we can find our way

Open, I’ve left myself open
Now that I’m broken
I can’t let you go

Who will be the first to cave
And give up their position?
Hold me like a child
Tell me that you love me
And say what you mean
It’s not going to harm you

Darling, It’s just something I got to say
Please forgive me, don’t go away
Oh I still love you, and I won’t turn my back on you, no
Darling,it’s better this way

Open, I’ve left myself open
Now that I’m broken
I can’t let you go
Song Comments

voodoohead productions
another gem from JP

music is truth II
John Pippus and collaborator Nadia Von Hahn worked together to write this song, now if this doesnt grab someone else's attention beside his promoter here at iacmusic, then there is something desperately lacking in music appreciation and understanding the quality of music John produces. I think he has hit it right out of the ball park on his vocals, too me one of his best works in the aspect of singing and overall presentation, talk about singer being the actor, this is a good example of that being accomplished here on Weapons of Emotion, this is very blue rodeo feel in its sound and structure. kudos to John and all who participated in this wonderful piece of songcrafting and musicianship

the turntable
for the love of mike, why dont people get this song and add it to their stations. anyways, very heartfelt well performed and stellar production, fine singing and highly recommended for listening

Over The Moon
Great song that somehow escaped my notice before - putting that right now!

Greatest Clicks
Leave your story at the door...put your intentions where I can see them...

music is truth II
got some sweet r and b groove going on, JP got some stellar works happening here

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