Pete MajiaThese Hollywood Hills
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Friday, June 11, 2010 6:48:59 PM
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 6:44:23 PM
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Letters to the Dead
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Over The Moon Two
music is truth II


Powerful Singing, Cactchy Hook

Pete Majia
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A man with a failing relationship leaves to pursue his dreams in Hollywood California, eventually making stardom but soon realizes how alone he is at times even in a fast paced city and lifestyle.
Neverending Stories of a Love lost long ago
I thought that i was living the life I had been given
I wasnt taking it slow
then I realized that the girl that was by my side
She was ready to go
and then i saw the truth i said that girl was through
and now i just dont know

I wish that you were here now with me in this place
I wish that I could see your face
when the light shines down from These Hollywood Hills
I know that im here I know that your there
but you will never know how scared that I am now that Im alone
why did this happen to me, I guess I couldnt see

The truth is told when they say the stars shine brighter here
you think its never knowing its always constant flowing
everyday through the year
you always said id make it but somehow I would break it
I guess you didnt know

(repeat chorus)

(repeat chorus/outro) x
Song Comments

n 2009 being noted in a radio interview as a "Whos' Who to listen to in Texas" being compared to some of the top acts from Austin to Amarillo. Currently working on the new album entitled ""A Butterfly Diary"".

People have been listening since 2005 when I first showed up on Myspace hitting the acoustic charts at number 11 eventually hitting number 1. Over the past few years having had the pleasure of writing music for many different groups and people, including recently the most loved and hated group in the business to date... Crunk Screamo Innovators Brokencyde. Co Writing many of their hits including Kandyland Nightmares, Dead B4 I Died and Schitzo. Also having wrote the majority of the smash hit BREE BREE which led to our online phenomenon and then eventually Brokencyde being signed to Suburban Noize records which belongs to the Famous Pioneers Kottonmouth Kings

music is truth II
Pete pours out his soul on this real fine joint of a groovin vibe. have added him to eYe in the past and this wonderful heartfelt song still hits me up with its truth and stellar vocals. happy in what he does. nice one Pete, keep your eYe on the goal of sharing your good with the world.

Over The Moon Two
Good track Pete - I enjoyed listening and the lyrics and guitar are nicely produced. Look forward to more.

Letters to the Dead
Nice and just enough strange. Neat guitar rhythm and progression.

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