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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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"I don't need consolation, Just time to visualize...One more chance to look in my Mother's Eyes..."

Jeff Allen Myers - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums on Demand

Bye Bye Lullaby

Words and Music
Jeff Allen Myers
© March 21, 2009

I may need Contemplation
I won't hold it inside.
I've had my chance
to say sweet goodbyes.

I don't need a Vacation
I need some time alone.
Some time to reminisce
of my childhood home.

Bye, Bye, Lullaby
Bye, Bye, Lullaby

I don't need a consultation
It's up to me to find
all the sweet memories
in my mind.

Bye, Bye, Lullaby
Bye, Bye, Bye, Lullaby

Bridge (Middle Eight)
Hold on to the moments
they go so fast.
No time to regret
Innocence never lasts.

I don't need consolation
just time to visualize.
One more chance
to look in my Mother's eyes.

Bye, Bye, Lullaby
Bye, Bye, Lullaby
Bye, Bye, Lullaby
Bye, Bye, Bye, Lullaby

Song Comments

What the Folk!
Jeff. I really like what you have done here. This is a really cool upbeat but at the same time reflective and encouraging, lifts my spirits after spending time listening to it. Thanks for your talent and sharing it here

The Good Stuff 4U
Jeff calls this "bubblegum pop". Got news for you Jeff, I wouldn't call it that. "Bubblegum" implies a lack of substance, and this has plenty of substance to go along with the solid melodies and excellent hook. Very nice work, Jeff!

Private Stock
Me like ...

Adult Alternative Asylum
A soft Rock/Pop composition influenced by recent events, growing up, relationships, and inner peace.

Music and Lyrics
I fell in love with this song first time I heard it. Every time I listen to it I keep thinking what a beautiful song!

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