Carrie WadeBroken Soldier
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A woman's son goes off to war.

Carrie Wade on guitar and vocal live on Flat Cat Radio, Glendora, CA

Wake up, you shout, today's the day
I have to whisper when I pray
to take it all away
They should have told me
I'd waste my words on saying please
I can't get on my knees
a scary sober dragon in you breathes

(You thought) who am I who slithers like the sin
of one who rushes recklessly in
to throw old pain a bone
There's no charisma in dark, in sparks, in ill-at-ease
thoughts of home a tease
every night my head's between my knees

Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
Broken Soldier

Wave to me you sorry son of man
across a dewless dune
all "I am what I am what I am"
They should've told you
you'd sweat your salt as lewd as Leeds
you'd give up on good-looking deeds
a vengeful, purple heart around you bleeds

Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
Broken soldier x
Song Comments

Women and Guitars
A beautiful and meaningful song.

Phlegm Phavorites
This song is wonderful, touching & well done. my wife starts crying, and makes me turn it off, whenever I play it. Our son is back in the Middle East again. Sigh.

Successfully working her impressive craftsmanship alongside her happily active imagination, Carrie manages to create songs that are simultaneously radio viable and unpredictable – her choice of chords and progressions, lyrics and phrasings, pleasing to the ear while fresh and often times provocative.

Sandman's Songbirds
Another great new song from Carrie! She's one of my faves and this new tune showcases her writing as well as performance talents quite nicely. Rock on Carrie!

Each time I approach one of Carrie's songs I do so with great anticipation for it to begin, wondering what picture she will paint for me, and where she will take me and lift me, and how she will fill my mind with pensive and sober thoughts and inspiration. Well, once again Carrie delivers a song not only from the heart but also from the soul, filled with penetrating thought and emotion that is so much a part of her personas as it is her music, both of which I respect greatly. Her ability to pen and weave lyrics that stretch beyond the horizons of life delving into the farthest and darkest corners of the mind reflects the songwriting craft of this talented artist. Coupled with her poignant chordal playing style, Carrie's songs are copiously filled with much more than what only words and notes could impart - it is the passion that flows from Carrie's heart into her music that sets her apart and above the proverbial radar screen. "Broken Soldier" is a high benchmark song and another gem in your impressive and expanding repertoire Carrie. Congratulations on the song hitting the KIAC Big 50. I'm honored to have you back on Legendary Music.

Roymunizzz Stand Up And Cheer station.
Simply marvelous.

Let us never forget them!

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