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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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- Lendas of Brasil : The proper translation will be "Brazilian Mythology" or Legends.

Brazilian Mythology - "Lendas "
Curiosities : Did you know? The words carioca, capoeira, tapioca, and jaguar are of Tupi-Guarani origin. Tupy Guarany is one of many Brazilian native indian languages.Tupi-Guarani (pronunciation (help·info)) is the name of the most important subfamily of the Tupi languages of South America. It includes 53 languages in 11 groups, as well as the best-known languages of this family, like Guarani and Tupi. Lendas definition: Did you know? The term Brazilian Mythology( LEGENDS or LENDAS ) is used to describe a series of cultural elements of diverse origin that are found in Brazil, comprising folk tales, traditions, characters and beliefs regarding places, peoples and entities. It is a subset of the Brazilian folklore. The term was originally restricted to indigenous elements, but has been extended to include: Mediaeval iberic traditions brought by the Portuguese settlers, some of which are forgotten or very diminished in Portugal itself; African traditions brought by the blacks brought to Brazil as slaves during the colonial times including their religious beliefs; Lives of Saints and other devotional elements propagated by the Catholic Church which were appropriated by the folklore; Elements originated in Brazil by the contact of the three different traditions; Contemporary elements that are reelaborations of old traditions. Because Brazil is a melting pot of cultures, many elements of Brazilian mythology are shared by the traditions of other countries, especially its South American neighbours and Portugal. Also, the huge size of the territory prevents any folklore element from being prevalent all over the country.
Prominent figures:
Alamoa — the ghost of a blonde woman that is somehow connected to the island of Fernando de Noronha.

Lendas of Brasil was the last Fabinho Carioca's song to be played after a series of attempt to recreate the samba rhythm using various acoustical instruments. Many people have asked Fabinho Carioca if He plays the instruments on the song due to its proximity to authenticity and the answer is no. Fabinho Carioca made the entire song on a keyboard using various programs and plug ins to bring life to the song. There were no samples used at all. Every key was played note by note like a recording section. Lendas of Brasil was the first attempt Fabinho Carioca made on playing every single note out of sync. He attempted to get the "Samba Rhythm" out of the combined vibrations of the instruments and tapping on the side of the keyboard.
Since Lendas of Brasil was posted on Myspace, many proposals were made to Fabinho Carioca to have Lendas of Brasil be played as a lead or opening track on DJ sections or albums. Recently Lendas of Brasil opened the TDFZ radio show in London (link is at Fabinho Carioca's page), taking the heaviest weight on the TDFZ Radio show play list.
Lendas of Brasil will take anyone into a magical place where history and stories combined tells a tale of the Brazilian mythology. You'll hear noises produced by some figures of the Brazilian mythology. Please do not try to understand but feel it. It's magical.
Think of the story and you'll hear it clearly.
Think of the History of the Brazilian mythology and you'll hear it clearly. x
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Chill out World - 4 quality musicians
The history of the Brazilian Mythology in a single song.

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