Lucky SpauldingWe Can Do
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Monday, March 24, 2008 9:53:05 AM
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Monday, March 24, 2008 9:55:48 AM
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Funky, upbeat. D minor structure. Lots of lush harmonies. Larry Carlton-esque guitar licks.

All instruments and vocals by Lucky Spaulding.

VERSE 1: Just a girl like you is what I want, exactly what I need, you're a queen baby, give me one chance to be your king. But you're the one who's gonna wear the crown, we'll take it to the club and we'll get down, sho nuff! I will be a gentleman, I don't give a damn about your friends. You're the only one I see, I will let those other ladies be.
CHORUS 1: I wanna give this night to you, we can do what you wanna do. I wanna see the Sun come through after I make love to you.
VERSE 2: I don't mind if another fella asks you to dance, cause you look so fine. Girl I wouldn't blame him, I would do the same because you blow my mind. But when the night is over baby, I hope that you won't leave me crying baby. I will be a gentleman, I don't give a damn about none of your friends. You're the only one I see, baby would you be my reality.
CHORUS 2: **********************************************
BREAKDOWN: Baby I'm amazed, little lady you're the bomb, looking so sexy with you're high heels on, I will go grab us some Dom Perignon, I'll be back in a minute, please don't do me wrong!
CHORUS 3: **************************************************** x
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