Pigs in BlanketsIt's Christmas Time (In The Morning)
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Thursday, November 15, 2007 2:28:15 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Christmas Moon


An instant Christmas classic, upbeat and catchy with gallons of festive cheer. All sales go to charity.

Written by Dan Furr and Sharon Horsley.

Recorded at Rinky Dink Studios, Cambridgeshire and Koolworld Studios, Bedfordshire.
Produced by Dan Furr. Mastering and Recording at Koolworld by Mat Collis.

All instruments performed by Dan Furr.

Vocals by Karen Carter, Jo Ash, Meg Spencer-Thomas, Georgie Partridge, Dan Furr, Sharon Horsley, Kristen Ellery, Sarah-Jane Higgins, Jamie Taylor, Carla Gray, Ellen Kavanagh, Christian D¹Angelo, Jenny Davy, Sarah Peters and Chuck Brown as Father Christmas.

Shouts to Steve George, all at Black Pig, Karen Roberts, Liam Fairhurst, Star Radio, Mat Collis, Dave Wooster, Nick Kozuch, Chuck Brown and everyone who took part in the Stars in the Sty contest.

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Christmas Moon
Lovely English folk rock!

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