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Lift your head on a rainy day....

reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

The Powders 2005

We wanted to create a song which gave the listener that 'Friday' feeling every time they listened to the song.
Lift your head on a rainy day
Make each day like a holiday
Time to start it all again - it’s your time...

Stop the sun from going down
Lift your head and lose your frown
Come on now let’s hit the town - It’s your time...

Just by breathing in
Let the music begin
Lift your hearts all now all of our friends - It’s your time

But it’s all about to change
Yeah it’s all about to change me
I spend my days wishing I could fly
‘Cause it’s all about to change

Lift your head (to end) x
Song Comments

Goldi Rock
Reminds me of The Elms, but with an itsy-bitsy bit of...Splenda. Sweet!


Killer Tunes
Very nice!

This ones got such a kickin groove w/a positive message and just makes ya feel Rockin good.

Magical Musical Tour
one to play Loud-N-Proud !!!

The Peoples Choice!
"Steve - I recommend a track called 'Lift' by The Powders from a little while back - did quite well on IAC!!!!".....Station run by THE CODE

Kayak Number One Songs!
week 48

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