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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Thursday, May 27, 2021 8:13:05 AM
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Church of the Red Room
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It ISssSOWssSimple... "Ideas=Seed"... UnTo Those Who "Treat It Well". "THEN", And ONLY "Then"... Do/Will/"CAN"... "MIRACLES HAPPEN!"(=M=)

"X": Guitar, Vocals(added: Keyboard/Drums)
-M-: Bass, Lyrics

This is a single-take, stereo-track, two-person improvisation(Guitar, Bass, Vocal) with some added keyboards...
(just the way we like it! ..."Love It!" too! hahaha!) =M=
So hard and so tiny
So simple and so small
Break through crusty entombment
And grow ever so tall

Such a simple minded simpleton
With glory potential great
Sleeping through "tHISslumber"
An opened eye for fate

What worth is there becoming
For such an one as this
Doing his own bidding
Turning into what he is

In the fullness of his purpose
Dutifully he fills
The potential of his essence
Then peacefully he stills

Back into hibernation
Transubstantiated form
Temporarily inactive
Awaits that which is warm x
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Church of the Red Room
Now the Pastor delivers his own 'parable of the seed'

Psyche's Music

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