Steve AprilMexican Nights
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Sunday, November 07, 2021 12:41:48 AM
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Sunday, November 07, 2021 1:36:32 AM
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Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
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a trip to Mexico...

steve april vocal, guitar, percussive (melody, lyrics)

mark stein piano, horns, violin, bass

a trip to Mexico......partly from a dream, recalling a vacation in Cuernavaca many years ago...
Mexican Nights

1. South of the border
Looking for water,
Looking for the lost
Miracle daughters.
Scattering the ashes
Of my only mother
Only her and no other,
Sent by my brother.
On a Mexican night,
On a Mexican night
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh.

2. Was there a novel
Propped up by her bed,
Did I miss the hovel?
Hovel in her head?
What are you running from?
Inquired the troubadour,
My gentle inquisitor,
Up from one more border.
On a Mexican night,
On a Mexican night
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh

The young hombre on the bus
Crashin’ through the Mexican night rose,
lightning flashin’/ left a bandana
With 1,000 pesos.

3. Goodby Mama,
who gave me this life,
Goo goo gaga,
all this stress and strife,
Gone are the streets here,
Will cut your face like a knife
If you look at them crooked,
But the stars shining bright.
On a Mexican night,
On a Mexican night
goo goo gaga, goo goo gaga.

(Cuenevaca ’77, mariachi bands hold the square,
Dark beautiful women from nowhere do our beds there
Walk by a bakery, next to funeral home and a hearse,
Girls hold hands with their mothers,
And cross themselves, scurry by church.). extended version

On a Mexican night,
On a Mexican night
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh.

Song Comments

Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
Contender for 2021 GK nomination - Alternative

A pining song by Steve rife with symbolism and metaphors of haunting Mexican nights and poignant memories rising from the ashes of a dream, grieving the passing of his mother – his link to the world and his life, followed by the passing of his sister – the work of the ominous Grim Reaper. A soulful vocal delivery punctuated by mournful and reverend instrumentation hiding strains of a roving Mariachi funeral band. It is hard not to feel the reflection of anguish and sorrow accompanied with a sense of catharsis of the soul ... heartfelt work, Steve.

Cup'A Coffee (Expresso)
atmospheric, evocative, mysterioso, like a doors song, w the breadth of a novel, a la Dylan, w vivid details, kudos...

Mystery Radio
Mysterious Magical and Marvelous , Steve April weaves another story of his own experience, catches you with a journey within the story. a Happening vibe with a dream intertwined with trip to Mexico. remembering his mom. Really like the change up with the time signature. intriguing, engaging and mysteriously wonderful. felt like I was traveling with him on that special time. captured by his amazing ability and tripping groove

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