Luke Robert'Even If I Drown' Copyright-2021, Luke Robert
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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A song of making our way through life and be an uplifting example to others even when we feel they must find their own way..

Written, Produced & Arranged by: Luke Robert
for Luke Robert Productions, in association with
Co-Produced by: Steve Sossin, SMG Studio
Guitars/Vocals: Luke Robert
Grand Piano & B-3 Organ by: Nick Stargu Sr.
Courtesy of StarcinaMusicGroup Studio
Orchestral strings arranged & performed by: Nick Stargu Sr;
Courtesy of SMG Studio
Drums/percussion arranged & performed by Frank Dechichio
Courtesy of SMG Studio
Bass Guitar arranged & performed by: Steve Sossin
Courtesy of SMG Studio

Journeying through the many 'waterways' of life and striving for more. Often we meet other searchers along the way & try to be an example but often sacrifice ourselves in trying to help..
If you look… at the long way… you can see the shore again…
Listening to get me back on my feet.. for the horn to bring me a lens..
When you look.. you can’t- fly at night… the words will come to you..
So you can roll the dice…….. If you can’t hear the voices in your head
(Voices in your head) Going farther & deeper.. I can’t see overhead…

Come with me… to go… be free…
All I see is words that come back through your mind…
All.. I see (All I See).. The Clouds will come to me__
To warm me up… even if I drown again..
( B-3 Organ Solo )
Making sure..the clouds.. begin to crush my Soul…
If I can’t make it up in time.. remember the time when
I fell through the water line……
Tell the people that I sank, and I can’t get up..
Till I fly away….
Wait till I drown… ‘till the clouds begin to run around..

Come.. with me..(Come with me).. go.. be free..
Hear the voices even if I drowned around…. (Drowned around)..
All I see… things that come with me….
Warm me up with even things that drowned me down…

Even.. If I Drown…..(Even if I Drown) the words keep coming ‘round..
All I see… All I see
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Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
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