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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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An'Epic' power Ballad along the lines of Pink Floyd but with great dynamic twists & turns!

Written, Produced & Arranged by: Luke Robert
Coptright-2020, All Rights Reserved.
A ‘Luke Robert’ Production
Co-Produced by: Steve Sossin for Luke Robert
Productions, in association with
Starcina Music Group

Guitars/Vocals by: Luke Robert
Piano, Strings and B-3 organ arranged &
performed by: Nick Stargu Sr. courtesy of
StarcinaMusicGroup Studio
Drums/Percussion arranged by: Frank DeChichio,
Courtesy of StarcinaMusicGroup Studio
Bass Guitar by: Steve Sossin, courtesy of
StarcinaMusicGroup Studio

We're all in ways sometime unknown to us... trapped in the hourglass of the 'Sands of Time'
I’m in a deep hole...I can’t get out again…
I wonder what shade of brown.. when the sun goes down...
Waiting here don’t have much time…
( Music Bridge )
Running away from the problems… in the past…
Don’t know when.. I’m coming
In the time glass I can see...the time…
That’s left to go away and cry…
Don’t know when I’ll see the sun… again..

In the Sands of Time, oh yeah.. the sands of time
In the Sands of Time.. yeah..
( Guitar/synth solo ‘battle’ into B-3 organ )
We’ll find a way out of this trap… it’s all like a map..
To the place your looking for..
Come with me.. you will see..
( Short guitar solo backed by B-3 organ )
Yeah….Ooohh.. In the ‘Sands of Time… Yeah…..
Song Comments

Younger Songs
to imagine a 12 year old writing such a song, lyrics and melody, and playin' lead guitar, noteworthy indeed, (assuming this is on the up and up), and this power ballad oozes musicality and rockin' musical spirit, tasteful production, and edgy lead guitar, kudos, and in the groove and zone for an addition to Younger Songs...

Smile About It
a charmin' song, innovative arrangement w twists and turns that suit the song well, a neat vocal and lyrics that resonate, tasty production, and Luke's lead guitar shines, also the backing band, kudos...Luke is 12 years old, wow...

Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 1st Wave
Contender for 2021 GK nomination - Rock

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