Psyche's MuseFLESH (a "Thank You")
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, August 23, 2021 5:35:23 AM


Taking The Time To “THANK” Our Beautiful; Thick Blanket Of "FLESH".

Xanthan Gum(William Wallace):Guitar and Vocal IMProvisation.
Mortamor(lyrics/words): Keyboard and Mixing IMProvisation.

Oh, Beautiful, Thick, “Blanket Of FLESH”…
Wrapped Tightly Around My Naked BONES…
Please Forgive Me… For My Lacking Of Attention…
And My Selfish Indulgences.
I Am Sorry That “YOU” Are Not “In My Thoughts”(nearly as much)…
As “You ARE On The Receiving End Of MY ABUSE”!
I Will Now Take Time… To “Thank You”…
“For All The Wonderful Things Which You Allow Me To Do”!
“You MAKE POSSIBLE”… “My PRESENCE”! (I Thank You!)
You “Make Possible” My Presence! I “THANK YOU”!!!(Thank You)
With “YOU” I CAN “SEE”, “HEAR”, “TASTE” And “TOUCH”( And “FEEL”!!!)…
Because Of “YOU” I Know What It Means “TO BE”!
And I Accept “THIS” As A “BLESSING”!
For “THROUGH YOU” I Have Made Contact “With”…
And “BECOME AWARE” Of “All Things”(Including “LOVE”!)
For All Of This…
“I Shall Cherish YOU…
‘til Death Do Us Part!” x
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