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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Love, Friendship, Trust, Good Times can all end…

Written, Produced and Arranged by: Steve Sossin for StarcinaMusicGroup
Co-produced by: Nick Stargu Sr. & Frank DeChichio of SMG.
Additional Instrumental Arrangements by: Nick & Frank.
Electric Piano, Cello, Violin & Glockenspiel by: Nick Stargu Sr.
Drums and all percussion by: Frank DeChichio
Guitars, Bass & Vocals by: Steve Sossin

Giving someone a clear, definitive message that 'it's over'.. that they need to move on ( too ) especially after so much time has gone by! All the frustration, even anger comes out then Blessed relief and moving on…
It's been a long time... since you said what's on your mind..
Seems like forever... since you really spoke to me..
So why the change now? Since it all ended years ago..
I'm thinking somehow... that you really need to know...
Is something still there?? Some Fire in me- deep inside..
An ember burning... But Full Of Irony you'll find!
That I've moved on now... my hearts a million miles away..
You must move on now.. Your tears or smiles won't make me stay..
There's Endings for all things they say___
That even heartbeats fade away___ And the Endings bring new days___
( music bridge keyboards and guitars )
ENDINGS is a word we all must learn....
ENDINGS are a time with no returns...
ENDINGS are a way to find and send....
ENDING is a word that means The END....
ENDING is a word that means The END....
( Instrumental Soloing between Guitars, Violin, Cello & Piano )
Scat Vocals.... then...
Frank starts cutting loose on drums!!! Wow!! x
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