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Originally recorded by The Subverts in 1993 on the album Violence and Revolution and again in 1994 on Coup D'Etat. Cragmatic Pope cover version recorded in 1996 for the album Get Away From That Fish.

John Vulgar

When Austin came up with the idea to record a Subverts song as a nod to their influence he gave me two rules 1. It had to be on the first album 2. It can’t be Youth of Today. I blurted out Social Oppression immediately. Austin agreed and we decided to share the vocal. We did several takes of this song as we wanted to get the feeling right. It was one thing to do a shitty job on your own song but fucking up someone else’s was inexcusable. Besides, this was meant as an homage. This is still one of my favourite things we ever did. All members of The Subverts had left town in 1994 and the local scene had changed much since then. The Subverts morphed into The Exiles Club and continued in Toronto.

Words and music by James Haine

From Get Away From That Fish (1996)

Shane Willard: Vocals, Guitar
Austin Acton: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jasmine Barrette: Bass
Amanda Mongeon: Drums

Here is a link to the original Subverts version and the re-recorded Coup D’Etat version:
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Get Away From That Fish 1996

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