Psyche's Muse(Dream) ANATOMY OF A SNAKE
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Ye're of the Snake!!!


Another Dream. (put to music)

X: Guitar/Vocal
M: Jews Harp/Dream

My Life Is Filled With Memorable Dreams… Wicked/Wonderful Dreams! Answers! Unto My Prayers! Unto Questions! Sometimes Unasked! Miraculous Occurrences! For Me! Thank You, God! If you have any idea how important “The Snake” is within the scheme of “All Things” you’d understand THE importance of such a dream as this! "Uroborus"!!! Thank You! Jesus!!! And how incredibly “eerie” it is that my vocal cavity is "being exposed"(audibly) during the entire improvisation... especially since I haven't a clue what words are going to be sung! And yet, I choose to play a "Jew's Harp" so very appropriately. Strange? Hell No!!! "THIS" is the “Church Of The Red Room”! Stuff like this would "just happen”... all the time.(Thank God For That Too!) -M-
The Path Of The Snake Is My Breath…
From My Nostrils Through My Nasal Passages…
Up And Out Of My Windpipe.

The Snake’s Butt Is The Opening…
Of The Nasal Passages Into My Throat.

The Fluid Offal Of The Snake Is My Mucus.
The Belly Of The Snake Is The Roof Of My Mouth.

The Tip Of The Snake’s Tail Resides In My Trachea.
God! It Feels So Real!

And When I Swallow It Feels…
Well… It Grosses Me Out!
Venus is also ruler of the serpents. Venus rules wisdom. This is connected to the throat chakra, which Venus rules which is why Siva is called the blue throated one. Venus rules the path of the gods the sushumna. Vasu is the name of Vishu relating to Venus as well. Vasu, Vas is the symbol of divine kingship in Egypt. Venus is about spiritual material perfection.Venus in Sanatana Dharma rules the serpent energy and the raising of this energy. Venus rules the mula chakra and the other chakra's. The Venus power is about bringing the serpent up thought the chakra's.

Venus rules the element of air, which is the breath of life and spirit which element is sound and the blue light of creation. Which is ruled by Mercury on a level but Venus on the highest level. The perfected body is related to this element in the Far East, air. The symbol of air, prana is the serpent of Sanat Kumara, Satan. Spirit, Vayu also rules all the five elements.

Venus rules the Kunda which means water pond but is the name of the root chakra and tail bone and serpent energy. The water of life. Which is the serpent energy, and flowing prana. The sushumna is called the Kunda Kula, the Kunda path. The name Kunda...lini comes from this. This is Kundry in the grail mythos. x
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