Shawn Adam WilliamsMiss High Roller
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Monday, November 12, 2018 5:23:23 AM
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Monday, November 12, 2018 5:26:00 AM
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Officially Nominated for a Golden Kayak


Miss High Roller
Written by Shawn Adam Williams


There was a showgirl from Vegas
Her casino smile is so vivacious
She knows how to strut her stuff
That sweet lady can't get enough
Her red velvet dress and high heeled shoes
And yes, she really sings the blues
Here she comes
It's Miss High Roller


She got a 1958 Oldsmobile
She was a winner and she's ready to deal
All she really wants is a fine looking man
That's the one she really understand
Here she comes
It's Miss High Roller


She's fallin’ in love with the man she love
They fit together like a hand in glove
Lord knows she's ready to rock this world
Miss High Roller is a red hot girl


Her body rollin' like a roulette wheel
Her sexy style are looks to kill
And when the party's over, she's ready to ride
Fellas, you better run, but you cannot hide
Here she comes
It's Miss High Roller

© 2018 - Shawn Adam Williams

Song Comments

Officially Nominated for a Golden Kayak

Blues Music is Truth
Shawn drops a great sound on this track, sweet guitar fine vocals definitely a happening tune fo sho. tasty shots here and there for the guitar and laying down some hot licks, this is a fun song Shawn, I found of the ones you have here this is your best work. The others could be worked on and improved and re-recorded. If you want, I can provide specifics, email me at and I will give you some insight of how to do that. I did like your acoustic vibe you had going on mrs mojo, very cool delta feel, I would do more of these with acoustic as well. good job, keep it happening

Tchaikovsky Loves These Songs
bluesy, funky tune w a 'high rollin' organ, and well crafted storytellin' and vibe, neat musicality, w a tasteful lead guitar/organ interplay, kudos...

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