Max and the DucksEverything Has Its Time
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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:46:46 PM
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Thursday, August 16, 2018 2:48:25 PM
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The song is based on Don Quijote from the classic Spanish literature - The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha. Everyone has their own windmills on their shoulders. Everyone needs their own Sancho Panza. The song is very personal to all band members. Divorces, changes in work, financial issues, emigration, dreams, love and loneliness are all the themes the song.
Members of Max and the Ducks Marcos Kuusja¨rvi, Veli Eronen and Erja Siljamo are all Finns, but spend a lot of time on the Costa del Sol. Max and the Ducks has been recording music since 2009

Music: Veli Eronen/Marcos Kuusjärvi Lyrics: Marcos Kuusjärvi/Erja Siljamo

The story of the song:
Life does not always go by pre-planned route. Sometimes, however, these great changes in life will come to our lives for the reason. In a crisis situation, one does not necessarily see how important the life cycle is going through. However, big changes in life and crises find new ideas for themselves, learn new oneself and people around them. Sometimes we must also give up big things to make room for something new in life. Life changes are in the midst of dreadful and frightening but, ultimately, so important and necessary for people to grow.
Most of us have a clear sense of what we want from life. We suppose that's exactly what we need. Human nature includes impatience and we do not want to give time to things. Sometimes, however, we find out how important the steps of waiting and finding your own path have been. At some point, things are going to fall into place. It is a good idea to have faith, that everything has its time.

Once I had plays for child. A man wish to turn back time
No worries life just go by. The day I´m child again living in the past.
I fell in love with this guy. Some day for him I would die,
Never believe there be more than one
Share my hopes my dreams they will never last

Once … upon a time a land far away. I need Sancho Panza by my side and stay
Be just a farmer, A Don, I don´t care. Just help me I´m ending nowhere
A lady needs knight-errant on time…
Take the windmill off my shoulders. A knight lost battle, it´s me the holder,
A long or short is my lifeline. Come… Everything has its time!
Cos My wind has calmed down!

Try find your place somehow Cries, worries through the nights,
Married happy once in a while. Chocolate never fails my only friend.
I had to farewell my ma`am. We all have a time to come,
My child let me hold your hand,
While I still can, hope you understand.

Once, upon a time a land far away. I found Sancho Panza by side and stay,
He is farmer Don I care. help me now ending there.
A lady has knight-errant on time
He took windmill off my shoulders. A knight won battle, It´s me the holder.
A long or short is my lifeline. Stay, eveything has its time
Cos my wind was calmed down.
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