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Monday, June 18, 2018 6:11:29 AM
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Monday, January 21, 2019 1:49:56 AM
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Barefoot on a Dirt-Floor
The Thanksgiving Zone
There's Gold In Them Thar Hills


Picture This is another DreamLyfe hopeful as I continue to solidify the concept. . .

Mark Holman - lyrics, vocals, adlibs, mix and production. .
Music by Audio Blocks

In the beginning there was a kiss, . . .a scrapbook knowledge of memories adorning walls, and even more in the 463 pages of instances like this, picture this. This song came to me while listening to the music on Audio Blocks. I know, sort of cheating, but was looking for some cool loops. Since there were complete music compositions, like songs, I thought, well ok, I can make that story reveal itself to me, . .picture this, a 58 year old white guy rummaging through rhythms for a story in the note, . . .sad, but that is me. Guess this demonstrates my ability to reveal the story in music if nothing else.
Picture This
Music Intro
Picture this, our first kiss,
I was so nervous , I didn’t feel you’d feel the same.
Standing on a tennis court trying to help you with your game
Picture this,
Our wooden frames,
Hanging on a wall we have it in the first room.
I remember how you used to look and swing your racket at me,
Scrapbook knowledge, picture this, picture this
There’s a time and there’s a place
I kept four hundred and sixty=three pages open for items like this
And I’m going to make the right choice when I turn the page with you,
It’s going to be just like this til our whole lives are through
Picture this, darling, picture this
Picture this, . .
You want a big boat and a mansion of clothes,
And four children all in a row
We’ve got five cats, and three dogs
And a canary that loves to sing in the morning.
Picture this.
Picture this.
Picture this. x
Song Comments

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills
charmin' first verse and engagin' sonics won me over, and song follows through w a pleasin' musicality, lively vibe, w mandolin, and uke maybe, kudos...

The Thanksgiving Zone
stirrin' vocal, w a warm, generous vibe...

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