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Thursday, August 24, 2017 1:52:47 AM
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Thursday, April 02, 2020 7:51:38 AM
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Forest of Azure
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eYe 2
TonyGirl's Favorites
Eve does it again!
Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
Sometimes you step in good shit


From my album, The Fool I Am

'The Simpleton' 4.20 (Dick Aven / James Sanger) Lyric Traditional (Anon)

Akai Electronic Wind Instrument, Piano, Soprano Saxophone, Guitar, Cajon , Shaker, Ukulele and Vocals by Dick Aven (dickaven.com)

Gleeman Pentaphonic by James Sanger

Recorded and arranged by Dick Aven
Developed, Produced, Programmed and Mixed by James Sanger for Vibey Developments (vibeystudios.com) assisted by Tom Minter

Mastered by Andy Hippy Baldwin at Metropolis Mastering (metropolismastering.com)

Copy and paste the link below if you would like to buy the album ;) Thanks!


Song Comments

Eve does it again!
We at IMP are familiar with Mr. Aven's fine work. This was very interesting, almost like a show tune. I like a lot of little boy in my men. Complex piece but I like it!

TonyGirl's Favorites
Sounds like a movie soundtrack. You have to stop to listen and the story takes you away. This is a serious competition to Where Am I? at Golden Kayaks 2017. I wish I could make another station to hippie music. This, Where Am I?, It's a trap little rat etc. match nicely together.

Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic

eYe 2
One of my all time fav artists at IMP, Dick Aven gives us some of his genius, cool intro that captures you right off its a refreshing and inviting tune. kinda a haunting piece with a longing quality. trippy guitar work. big layers of soundscaping. I do remember this song in a previous incarnation, this one has big production and a rich tapestry of instrumentation. loving the listen. Cool vibe, from the eYe

Sometimes you step in good shit
I followed the Simpleton and of course, he led me to the good shit ...

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