Tosoff and AprilCoffee and Chocolate
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Smile About It
eYe 2
There's Gold In Them Thar Hills
Your Love is Like a Pizza
Buy Me a Coffee


steve april vocal, guitar
adam reed, drums, bass

bryon tosoff toy piano, roland, strings

a femme fatale, w a gun...
Coffee and Chocolate

when he looked through all the glitter
she had an ordinary pretty face,
but she wasn’t a quitter/ no no no,
she was a go-getter, in any kind of weather
when she wanted to go someplace.


she likes coffee and chocolate, in the month of May,
coffee and chocolate, her way.

la la la handle w care/ a vandal on the stair

she grew up on the poor side, where wheels turn round and round,
you’re dead before you hit the ground.
she grew up on the poor side, where just to survive,
she shot my friend with a cold steel .45. (fx)


Song Comments

There's Gold In Them Thar Hills
tasty keys, strings, appearances are deceivin', who really knows the person sitting next to them, in a cafe, on the train, or what they've been through, or how close to the edge they really are...

Smile About It
atmospheric, evocative song, well appointed keys and strings, femme fatale w a gun, film noire vibe, heads up people...

eYe 2
gorgeous track with insightful lyrics and fine vocals and special layers of tones and colors. Steve brings his truth with panache and wisdom of life stories and the consequences that occur through no ones fault, just time chance and circumstance. Splashes of piano and strings offer rich textures and an encompassing caress, the rich bass and drums holds it all together and fine rhythm guitar makes this a special tasty treat on the eYe

Coffee and Chocolate,Steve lays down some interesting lyrics here. I like coffee and chocolate they go together, right, but some times not. Some people are coffee, bitter, smooth, mellow, bright and some chocolate is the same, various degrees and types of tastes, well number One, lets just say this song , well number one, that is just a bit off the wall, and two, its about people, their lives, their challenges and how they cope with things. who do you know, and do you really know them?. and those you dont know that you pass by every day, or work with, what haunts them ,what makes them tick, how is life shaped them or how they allowed them selves to be molded and shaped into what they are, right now, can they ever change. who really knows you? are you really who you think you are, or something else could they you be heading out the door and not return. Coffee goes cold Chocolate can go stale and funny if left out and alone. same with people. make sense, maybe maybe not

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