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Saturday, September 18, 2021 4:11:11 PM
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Saturday, September 18, 2021 4:12:34 PM
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Piano centered ballad

When the outside belies the inside!
When I think about how I used to be I was hiding all the proof that I wasn't shy like I seemed to be and nobody knew the truth. 'cause inside I was a sparkling star full of shiny bright ideas but outside I couldn't function through the tears. When I analyse all the parts of me that don't seem to fit the mould, doesn't do no good 'cause I never see the stranger left out in the cold. All the years I thought I understood, accepted who and what I am, thought it was my lot to walk down the road to the slaughter like a sacrificial lamb. So who was I, would I ever know if reality was depression or glow and does anyone else in the World really have to know? Outside I met every situation by flipping from desolution to elation - if I fooled the World I was in control then I fooled myself too, a pointless goal.
Then one day I thought I had cried enough, it's a self indulgent thing just a cry for help that I do not need and attention I don't want to bring. Now I don't hold back the star I've found hidden behind wet eyes and I don't suppress what I think and say, I just suppress the cries. And I wasn't shy like I seemed to be, and nobody knew the truth x
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Desperado 2021 GK Contenders - 2nd Wave
Contender for 2021 GK nomination - Alternative

a melody w finesse, and a looking back, kinda dramatic and also pensive, a charmin' vibe, kudos...

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