Bruce ScismShow Me The Way Home
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Saturday, June 18, 2016 9:41:03 PM
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Saturday, June 18, 2016 9:41:23 PM
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At some point, you look back over your life and ask yourself whether you made the right choices

Writers: Bruce Scism , Shane Rogers


Bruce Scism: Acoustic guitar
James Calire: Piano/organ
Mario Calire: Drums
Sam Bolle: Acoustic bass
Jesse Siebenberg: electric / weissenborn

Struck by the number of people who, at the end of their career and life, lament the fact that they should have spent more time with their family and enjoying life
He rolled out of bed on the way to his job
Fell to his knees and prayed to god
He said, “Oh Lord, what am I doing here
A lifetime spent working each day
Nothing to show but the money I made
Oh Lord, have I wasted these years”

With so many signs and so many roads
It’s hard to know which way to go
Making a living ain’t making a life
Can’t buy back the time gone by
Making a living ain’t making a life
Lord, show me the way to go home

In a rush to riches he chewed through life
Playing his part a little wild eyed
Hell bound for a life of high times
The gray in his beard mark the years on his life
Seems time just up and run on by
Oh restless time slips by

Chorus (Repeat)

Now times stands still in the morning light
We’re gathered around his cold gravesite
He’s gone to ask of Jesus, “Why”
We bow our heads and say goodbye
His tombstone reads, “Keep a measure of time …
’Cause restless, restless time slips by”

Chorus (Repeat)
Makin’ a livin’ ain’t makin’ a life
Lord show me the way to go home
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That voice sits so comfortably in this song, warm, strong, deep, tender, sincere... all those good old qualities you expect from a professional Country singer. It would be impossible not to hear this song through once you allow yourself to indulge, it's like taking a small nibble of some rich caramel chocolate, once you get the taste you can't stop and you end up licking your lips. The band gives you confidence, it's a well oiled outfit. The writers have all the right words to say and they've put just enough twist in the tune to grab your attention.

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