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Thursday, June 09, 2016 7:37:22 AM
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Thursday, June 09, 2016 7:41:02 AM
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written and performed by Abi Foster
Produced by Matthew Fearon
Saxophone by Mike Smith

so face the fiction, because the facts aint coming and you know its an addiction, and the words still spiral out your mouth but no ones listening, and if you don't stop talking then i think i better, think i better go.. go go go!

and addiction, your addicted to the fiction, in the 21st century, what do they call love? not a feeling not a thought, just a thing that doesn't matter, but what matters? is when and where you've been I've been trying to call you, and it was messing with your head and then you went to watch the sunrise in the east.

but girl you're looking kind of overrated now, and you aint got a word to say for yourself. after ll the things you say to me, a lll the things you've done, you had the nerve to say to me that i was never the one...

so keep your tension and your friction, but our love was an addiction, its pure fiction, pure fiction, and I'm not misusing the day, when i was your baby..
so face the fiction, the facts aren't coming and you know that you're missing out on all the hate and the love and the things you'll never get.

what do you know that i don't?
what do you know, that i do not know?

we can work together, whatever, you could be my voice be my speaker, i could hide behind the curtain for certain, but that was yesterday..

girl your looking kind of overrated now,
and you aint got a word to say for yourself....

its pure fiction

and we've come to the end of the line,
your lies were no better than mine,
bright light tripping into the night,
some fires were never meant to ignite
Song Comments

Eve's Chosen Few
This song is so charming and the singer is so charismatic, it looks like another great new talent has come upon the scene.

Over The Moon
Yay great quirky song from this young Welsh artist! Welcome.

Cabaret Noir.......
Quirky n interesting modern jazzy folk song..Love the lyric, the easy musicality,the free-spirited dramatic quality and the great vibe..Nice one

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