Norah JonesWurlitzer Prize (I don't wanna get over you)
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Sunday, May 29, 2016 1:51:50 AM
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Sunday, May 29, 2016 1:54:05 AM
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Music Monsters
Norah Jones; My All-Time #1 Female Solo Artist! You cemented that position last night at Omaha's Orpheum Theater! My 4 greatest concerts in alphabetical order: Moody Blues - 1992, Norah Jones - June 5, 2017, Paul McCartney - 1990, Rolling Stones 1972. Norah, you made my heart skip a beat when you answered me from center stage! You replied "THANKS TO YOU" when I shouted from the balcony, "LOVE YOU, NORAH!" I always have, and I always will! I know that IMP is primary a showcase for indie artists, but I leaped for joy when I saw this song here. Your own growth from being a new artist to a 9x Grammy Winner and The Jazz Artist of the 2000's is mind-boggling and an inspiration to artists and fans alike. I pray that I can live at least live another two decades to enjoy you and your awesome music! I could not sleep until 4:00 am after the concert and am still basking in the afterglow, 26 hours later. I hope that somehow you can read this blurb someday to see how special you are to me. One of the first things I did here a few months ago upon finding IMP was to write to you on your artist page. I will soon be adding to that message, dear lady! Thank you for who you are and what you do!

Cincy Cat's Top 40
You hear her voice and you feel like you know her. Not many artists show themselves to you like that.

So many great talents here on IMP-Norah Jones is just one of them !

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