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Monday, January 18, 2016 5:31:16 AM
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Monday, January 18, 2016 5:32:04 AM
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Possibly the world's first Scottish Contemporary Alternative Christian Gospel Rock Rap song. :)

Based on my reading about the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Music/instruments/vocals: Calum Carlyle
Lyric: Donna Devine

Miriam the Magdalene

Miriam the Magdalene was busy behind the scenes
Though in the beginnin' some said that she was sinnin'
They were dead wrong but it's taken too long
To put history right because that woman did incite
A gospel of her own, made everything known
You see early church fathers they didn't wanna be bothered
With Truth as it was so they started a buzz
Gave Paul all the credit and continued to edit
Just tossin' out the bits they couldn't quite fit
It was all about the glory so they made up a story
And got nearly everybody believin' in it.

They say the fisherman Peter founded a church
After leaving the Son of Man in the lurch

Now Peter the Rock liked to hear himself talk
But didn't like mystery, went down in history
Sayin' 'No' with a smile right after the trial
But the good Lord had known just how things were goin'
And waited in sorrow for the triple denial
Then Miriam cried when the Teacher died
She crouched near the cross and lamented the loss
While afraid to be known, most disciples had flown
Left the women and John to lift the broken body down
They wrapped it up slowly, 'cause the burden was holy
And they sealed it up solemnly deep in a tomb

Then the third day dawned and the stone was gone
And Miriam knew what Jesus said was true
Held her arms out to hold him but he told her to fold 'em
"The time hasn't come, Mary, much to be done, Mary
Go to the brothers now, just tell the others how
I showed them the way, how I want them to pray
And that the human heart's the most important part
And your own inner voice must be the first choice
So you'll hear what you need, there's no need to feed
The purses of preachers or self-righteous teachers
Always talkin' bout sin, but never mentionin' greed"

Now Jesus loved Miriam above all the others
Most didn't mind but it bothered the brothers

Peter always dissed her, didn't love the sister
Called Jesus uncouth 'cause he kissed her on the mouth
And instead of bein' zealous, Peter was jealous
Said Miriam was lyin' even though she was tryin'
To tell him what'd she'd heard, pass on the Good Word
Straight from the Master, doin' what he asked her
She had the sacred knowledge, he wanted to abolish
All guilt and fear, it's not the reason we're here
And her tears were bitter when it finally hit her
That the men couldn't tell she was tryin' to help
It's all about transformation, and she had the information
That 'The Son of Man dwells within oneself '

Yes, that's what He said
That's the Word she spread
And the words He spoke
Are the ones that she wrote
The 'Apostle of Apostles' penned Miriam's Gospel
It was signed Amen
Mary Magdalene

2009 Donna Devine x
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Church of the Red Room
Love this message... TRUE! -M-

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