Pocke OhrstromThe Fear Is Over Now
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM


The fever is coming down

The Fear Is Over Now

There no point in sighing over lost days-
Missing them even before they're swept away

Outside the windows there’s a normal world
With its unpredictable sudden swirls

I follow the moon, you follow the dice
But we’re still in for the same surprise

Starting the days by forgiving
Rather than just forgetting it all
A feeling of dizziness both scary and sweet
Attacks by memories of emotions obsolete

Transform the reasons to understand
All this you can hold with an open hand
The fever took us by surprise again
But destiny is promising lesser pain
Feels like we’re getting closer to awakening days
And soothing waves

The fear is over now
The fear is over now
The fever is coming down
There's a change in your eyes
Shaking up my mind today
But the pain has gone
Shaking up my mind today
But the pain has gone
The fear is over now
The fear is over now

Sun after rain
Take my hand

She came to me with her own new world
And quite soon I was given a part to play
A chance in a million she would find us here
Where she belonged from day number one

Playing by the fountains happy shine
I can see it's a spinning joy
Smiles reflecting in the sunny sky
To elevate far above

Feeling at ease in her own new world
Taking the time for more things to explore
Feeling the rhythm of lights and sounds
It’s like she’s opening door after door

When you move the world moves with you
And when you’re still it’s waiting
Watching the matters with silent words
And believing it’s real

Certain reasons just can’t be explained
But she's the reason, the reason herself
Happiness could be easy from day number one
You can feel it’s here in this dreamland that’s real

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