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"The Sandman" is Track #3 from The Silent Boys "Beauty Tips" CD, released in 2004.

Rhythm guitar and vocals: Wallace Dietz
Lead guitar and Bass guitar: John Suchocki
Drums: John Morand

I wrote 'The Sandman' for my daughter who is autistic. I was trying to write a song in the vein of 'Cattle and Cane' by the Go-Betweens and 'A to Fade In' by Adorable. These songs about childhood always give me the shivers.
Do you believe in the Sandman?
I still believe in the Sandman.
Her father takes her by the hand
And leads her down a shady lane
All lined with elms and wildflowers
To a cottage in the woods.
If I could I surely would
Fill your dreams with niceties-
Cotton candy at the fair,
Bows and ribbons in your hair.
Go to sleep now my little one.
Lay your weary head to rest.
Each line of mother's lullaby,
Each stroke of brush through fine hair
Every one of her father's winks
Tell her she is safe and sound.
If I could I surely would
Fill your dreams with niceties-
Cherry blossoms in your bath,
Puppy kisses at bedtime.
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