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Thursday, July 30, 2015 4:51:26 AM
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Monday, June 24, 2019 8:10:57 AM
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by Cary Kembla


I have come from afar
Under Apollo's hot Attic sun
And I seek your advice
Persia marches on his daughters and sons
So speak to me at once
I want to know what will happen

O the sea and the land
On which the white statues stand
Will all drip while you shiver and howl
Zues awaits with his spear
The approach of the horses
Take to the wind, don't look down

I know not what you've said
Our foe Xerxes has one million men
And we are in despair
From our walls his hosts stretch without end
So speak to me again
I need to know the future

In the way that you seek
Lies a trap for the weak
For the key that is lost will be found
A wooden wall I do see
It is all that will stand here
So release your fear, leave your ground
So says the Oracle of Delphi

It has gone as you said
Our fleet of wood held the Straits of Salamis
While our people took flight to Troezen
I need to know where we should take them

One of two paths leads thee
To the House of the Free
Hold your head high with lovely accord
The winged serpent of greed and of strife flies to slavery
Now shun this above all
So says The Oracle Of Delphi

© 2015 Cary Kembla
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